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It is a warped mentality to look down on a lady because she has no man in her life. Fredilia Momodu

Not being in a relationship doesn’t make you a less of a woman. Fredilia 

Why remain with a guy if he isn’t the man you desire? Fredilia Momodu

When people say things are hard, I say my God provides. Fredilia Momodu

Don't waste a man's time if in the end, you would say no. Fredilia Momodu

They easiest way to hurt yourself is to put your trust in man. Fredilia Momodu

If God begins to reveal the things He does for us behind the scenes, we would never grumble or complain about anything. Fredilia Momodu 

Work experience is not synonymous to common sense. Fredilia Momodu

Customers are the best people to advertise your business. Fredilia Momodu
No matter how hard I try, I cannot give it my all unless I have the passion. Fredilia Momodu 

God is always by your side, you just have to believe. Fredilia Momodu  

I refuse to worry or complain...taking it all to God. Fredilia Momodu 

The fall of the proud-hearted is worse than the fall of humpty dumpty. Fredilia Momodu
The fact that you open your mouth and words come out is not an assurance that you have to make sense. Fredilia Momodu.

Too much talk doesn't appeal to me, sincerity does it! Fredilia Momodu 

You either get what you want or you get burnt; but never let fear stop you.-Fredilia Momodu.

You cannot be highly effective in one area of your life if other areas are not balanced. Fredilia Momodu

Cowards prefer assumption to finding out the truth. Fredilia Momodu  

Learn to put God as part of your plans as you are part of His. Fredilia Momodu

Passion propels you to work. Fredilia Momodu.

Resolve not to consciously do anything your conscience tags as 'sin'. Fredilia Momodu

Whether you follow trends or not, you have an fashion statement which speaks before you speak. Fredilia Momodu

That which your appearance reveals about you before you utter a word is your fashion statement. Fredilia Momodu

Where at thou, o ye silence? I crave for thee. All ye noisemakers hovering around me, please humbly flee! Fredilia Momodu 

The way a child is trained determines to a great extent the type of adult the child would become. Fredilia Momodu

Even though your child shares your genetic makeup, he/she is uniquely different from you. Fredilia Momodu

A bad attitude cannot be hidden for so long, it would always find a way of rearing its ugly head. Fredilia Momodu

Never miss an opportunity to shine. A star never stops shining. Fredilia Momodu

Your success is not solely dependent on how hard you work, it is also dependent on how God chooses to bless you. Either way, you still have to work. Fredilia Momodu

Don't ever let fear stop you! It should never be the reason why you did not do that which you wanted. Fredilia Momodu

Marriage is not about finding the perfect person but bringing out the best in the other person; thus making them perfect for you. Fredilia Momodu

I am just a human with limitations and I have someone greater than I am that can help me when I cannot help myself.  Fredilia Momodu 

If you don't believe in it, don't bother about it. Fredilia Momodu 

When God says you will, you will. Fredilia Momodu 

Do not be afraid to use the gifts and resources God has blessed you with. Failure is not part of His plan for you. Fredilia Momodu

Be brave, not stupid! Fredilia Momodu

No matter how many times you fall, do not be ashamed to go back to God for strength. He is the one you'll go to eventually. Fredilia Momodu
Sometimes the voice in your head is all that matters. Fredilia Momodu

Worrying is just a pure waste of time. It does nothing but make you desperate, afraid and miserable. Fredilia Momodu

Plan, pray, work hard, believe but do not worry.  Fredilia Momodu

Don't try to be nice, be real. Fredilia Momodu

It is amazing to have one's dignity and integrity intact after consummating a deal. It is a great way to build a reputation. Fredilia Momodu 

Do not feel overwhelmed when people come to you with their problems, they see you as a problem solver. So be one! Fredilia  Momodu 

God reveals himself to us everyday in different ways, it takes a discerning spirit to see it. Fredilia Momodu 

The more you do things that take you out of your comfort zone, the less afraid and more confident you will be.  Fredilia Momodu 

It is okay to compromise but do not allow anyone pressure you into lowering your standards. Fredilia Momodu

I am not condescending, pretense is not just a part of me. Fredilia Momodu

I do not apologise when I am sure I am not at fault. It is your loss if you refuse to get over it. Fredilia Momodu

Be inspired by the success of others, not jealous of it or frustrated by it. Fredilia Momodu 

Discipline is an essential ingredient for success; without it, procrastination would be the order of the day. Fredilia Momodu

Anytime we overcome temptations, we become upgraded versions of ourselves. Fredilia Momodu 

Trying to show your superiority by exposing others' weaknesses means you have a huge inferiority complex. Fredilia Momodu 

A man with a loose tongue is a public disgrace. Fredilia Momodu 

Nothing and no one can make you happier than you can make yourself. Fredilia Momodu

Your uniqueness, your self esteem, your happiness and your satisfaction are at stake each time you compromise yourself. Fredilia Momodu  

Exercise your freewill and creativity and be proud of who you are. Even identical twins are not 100 percent identical. Fredilia Momodu  

With God's timing, you can never go wrong. Fredilia Momodu

Oh Lord, teach me to love you for who you are, not for what you will do for me. Fredilia Momodu

The essence of clothes is to cover your nakedness. Don't let your fashion sense do otherwise. Fredilia Momodu

Do not be desperate to get all you ask from God. Wait patiently trusting in Him while you do your part to make it a reality. Fredilia Momodu

Good health is a beautiful thing we sometimes overlook. It is one of the things we don't appreciate till it's gone. Fredilia Momodu

Great minds do not stoop so low to get attention, their works speak for them. Fredilia Momodu 

Your uniqueness, your self esteem, your happiness and your satisfaction are at stake each time you compromise yourself. Fredilia Momodu

If my life were a movie, it would be an inspiring comedy.  Fredilia Momodu

When you don't know your rights, you will be tossed about like a dirty piece of paper.  Fredilia Momodu

God doesn't need to consult your educational or work experience to consider you qualified. Fredilia Momodu.

What doesn't kill you will either make or mar you.  Fredilia Momodu

In your choices, be yourself! Fredilia Momodu

Let us not get caught up trying to get results that we lose the essence of our being.  Fredilia Momodu

Sometimes we become experts in the routine and gloat in our distorted expertise. Fredilia Momodu

When re-evaluating ourselves, we need to figuratively step out of our bodies and do it rationally. Fredilia Momodu

Do not do things that will just get you attention but things that will also get you recognition. Fredilia Momodu

Attention is short-lived but recognition lasts a life time.  Fredilia Momodu

You don’t have to walk the street naked to be mad. You could be corporately dressed behind a computer system and be mad. Fredilia Momodu
Life is too short for you not to do things you love. Fredilia Momodu 

When things don't turn out your way, the devil uses it as a channel to get you frustrated. Learn to turn to God and pray. Fredilia Momodu

Don't ever let fear stop you! Fredilia Momodu 

Without God, I am worthless, useless and hopeless; but with Him, I am the best I can ever be. Fredilia Momodu 

Your gratitude for the things you have should always overpower the pains and frustration you feel for not having the things you wish you had. Fredilia Momodu 

Your life doesn't have to be perfect (and most times it isn't) but it must be yours. Fredilia Momodu 

Do not give into the pressures of our fast paced world that you don’t pause to see how beautiful the world is.  Fredilia Momodu

When re-evaluating ourselves, we need to figuratively step out of our bodies and do it rationally. Fredilia Momodu

Portray what you want the world to see, the world cannot read your mind. Fredilia Momodu

Never practise tit for tat, it might just get ugly. Fredilia Momodu

Do not let the world influence your decisions because in the end, it is your happiness that matters.  Fredilia Momodu

When you begin to pray for him more than you pray for yourself, it is a sign that you are truly in love. Fredilia Momodu

Do not wait until you are worn out from trying before you ask God for help, turn to Him from the start and every time. Fredilia Momodu

Only God can give you that satisfaction you desire because our human wants are limitless. Fredilia Momodu

With God's wisdom, you will know when to step on the brake and let Jesus take the driver's seat. Fredilia Momodu

God is the most reliable source of energy to drive your passion. Fredilia Momodu 

Beware of a man who finds it hard to admit that he is wrong.  Fredilia Momodu

Love looks deeper than the physical; it sees it and so much more. Fredilia Momodu

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