About blog
Uniquely different with Fredilia is a personal blog that presents life from an interesting and a unique perspective. I say it as it is because pretense is not part of me. Take a break from the norm and get informed and inspired as you hang out with me.

About me
First of all, I LOVE GOD! He is the most important person in my life now and forever. I love Him with every drop of blood in me. Without Him, I am worthless, useless and hopeless; but with Him, I am the best I can ever be. Thank you God for making me me.

I couldn't help it. I just had to express my love for God. Now about me...I am Fredilia Momodu, a Nigerian graduate of the University of Lagos with a degree in Chemistry. I work a 7am-6pm job in a non-chemistry related field. I love reading, sharing knowledge, and expressing myself verbally and in writing. I see life as a workshop where you have all the tools to create what you desire.
I am insightful; I make meanings out of seemingly meaningless events. No situation is too insignificant for me to draw inspiration from. I believe there is always something to learn from every circumstance. I always see the brighter side of every situation which makes it easier to deal with. I am free-spirited and always encourage people to be happy no matter what because "no one and nothing can make you happier than you can make yourself". I am 100% real and hate pretense. I have a strong personality and I am not afraid to be me. 

Mincing words is not my forte; I say it as it is or not say it at all. 
Very down to earth? Yes! 
Extremely Likeable and cheerful? Sure!
People pleaser? Naaa! I don't try to be nice, I am just real and me (which is wonderful)!

Likes- uniqueness, originality, beauty, openness, and honesty.  
Can't stand- liars, pretenders, deceitful people, lousy people, lazy people, people who don't take responsibilities for their actions and push theirs to others, and people who take advantage of others' kindness or vulnerability.
Hobbies- watching movies (when I'm watching movies, don't try to start a chat with me because I could be world's greatest snob as I give it my full attention), reading motivational books or novels, listening to radio talk shows, and writing.
Fashion- being comfortable, unique and you.


I am a very slow eater.
I love bright colours.
I love daydreaming about my perfect life hmmm...but it's a secret yet to be revealed.
When I can't sleep, I read my bible and pray, then I listen to music, browse or both.
I love pop rock.
I hate live chickens, I run away from them. Especially when the cock chases the hen in heat period, freaks me out.
Before I leave the earth, I would to do a karaoke to a beautiful audience


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