Saturday, July 29, 2017

Have you sown seeds that worth the miracles you ask for?

On my way to work, I said a short prayer “God please let someone bless me with a miracle phone”. This was after my phone broke. To my amazement, I got an instant response. 

“Have you sown seeds that worth the miracles you ask for?”
“How do you mean?” I asked my conscious in surprise, “That I don't deserve a gift phone?”
"I only asked if you have sown seeds that worth the miracles you ask for?" my conscience answered.

Wow, it hit me like a bomb!

Have I given a 100% on my job? Have I been generous to the less privileged and beggars I see on the street? Have I been sensitive to the plight of those close to me? Did I offer kind words when I could?

All these questions and more flooded my mind...before you get frustrated that God hasn't given you that which you ask for, look inwards.

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