Friday, July 21, 2017

Functional or Fashionable?

Which do you consider when you want to purchase an item? Do think of its functionality or how fashionable it is? The best option is to consider both. I will never advise you to go for an archaic product because it is functional. But when you must choose one over the other, please go for functionality. I learnt the hard way.

I can be annoyingly clumsy with it comes to the way I handle my phone. I don’t know why, but my phone just loves dropping from my hand and crashing to the ground. I have been so lucky that my phone hasn’t suffered much damage except superficial scratches and cracks on the side of the phone.

Last week, I went to get a phone case to protect my phone from further damage, but the case given to me (one that would have been the best for me) wasn’t flashy. I wanted a phone case with glitters and jewels, you know, something fashionable and girly, which he didn’t have. So I didn’t buy any.

Unfortunately for me after 3 days, the witches and wizards from my village finally won. My phone fell from my hand to the tiled floor and had a fatal injury. Both screen and screen saver crashed, the phone refused to come on. Lights flashed from it like it was breathing its last breathe. Poor me! All my write-ups, my brainstorming, my pictures! Still in shock!
So purrlease people, (dragging the please in my American accent) if you must choose, choose functionality over fashion! Only if I could rewind the hands of time…

Be uniquely different, be you.

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