Saturday, September 3, 2016

#MyBlogDiary-My version of 'change begins with me'

I cooked chicken stew and vegetable soup on Thursday, and planned to eat rice and stew with fried plantain on Friday. On my way home from work, I decided to buy plantain. I had just N1500 with me and I also wanted to buy Dano milk and indomie, so I stopped by a superstore.

The price of Dano milk had risen from N550 to N750 and indomie as we all know is now N50 from N35. I wanted 6 packs i.e. N300  both totalling N1050. I had N450 change left to buy the plantain which was N400; but I was angry, because I noticed that since the era of change, I never came back with change. I always spend all the money I take shopping. Sometimes, I'm even tempted to use my debit card. (I have stopped using POS machines so I don't clean my account with one swipe.)

In order not to feel bad since 'change starts with me', I started justifying why plantain wasn't necessary to eat with rice. "Rice is carbohydrate. Ripe plantain is carbohydrate and I'll have to fry it which is not so healthy. In Nigeria, our meals are mostly carbohydrates so I should cut down on excess carbs. No much nutrient in the plantain sef. The chicken is high in protein. Boiled egg is more nutritious."

Chai see me talking to myself because of change! Yes, boiled egg is more nutritious, but haba, is it the once in a while fried plantain that would kill me? This change eh...

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  1. My love for fried dodo shaaa.. No matter the matter dodo would always remain on my menu o... carb or not. Lols. Nice write-up Fredi'

    1. Thanks Adam.Change cannot change your love for dodo. Lol

  2. Goodness... Just what I tweeted, but another version of it. Lovely. Permit me to use this, with your reference on my board. *Permission Granted* LOL!!


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