Saturday, August 20, 2016

There is never a Perfect Time

Jeez! The last time I published was on the 21st of September 2014, and a whole lot has happened since then. One of them was work, work, work, work, work, work...
My department was given additional job duties which I found overwhelming. (overwhelming in a singsongy...) I got home fagged and unable to think straight, let alone type anything. My laptop seemed like a burden and typing seemed like a chore. (I prefer typing using my laptop to my phone. Although that's gonna change from now on.) I told myself, 'this too shall pass' and gave my body time to readjust to the new workload.

Unfortunately for poor me, as I was readjusting, (which actually took an unnecessary long time), another change hit me. I was temporarily reassigned to another location which had way more work load than the previous, and it was farther from home. The road...OMG was more than terrible! Calling it a bumpy ride to work is an understatement. I was also one man down at the new location for some weeks which was killing. During that period writing didn’t appeal to me in any way. I just wanted that phase of my life to be over.

However, I realised that there is never a perfect time. Something must always come up to distract you. It’s just the way the world works. That is why there is a word called FOCUS. I actually lost focus. I had no excuse to stop writing. Like my bestie said, I was just plain lazy. I am even busier now but I am more focused. The clock will not stop ticking for my sake, neither will traffic stop moving. I have to just make it work, which is what I have decided to do from now on. No going back!

So my darlings, I am back with a bang! (I just wanted to say that, love the sound of it.) Anyway darlings, until my next post, stay focused!

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