Saturday, November 9, 2013

Same experience, no romance...

I felt bored and restless one evening and decided to engage myself by watching TV-my favourite hobby. After browsing through different channels on DSTV, I found something interesting that caught my fancy. A white guy with gentle eyes and soft features smiling sweetly at a white lady who had a serious look yet with sex appeal; they were sitting close to each other on a couch in the living room. Both had black hair and were casually dressed like they had been at home all day. 

The lady was licking candies (similar to M&M) that came in variety of colours as they chatted like a couple in love. She was taking it one after the other but suddenly make a face when she dropped a particular one in her mouth. She spat it out and noticed it was the blue one. She told her boyfriend that it tasted weird and she didn't like it. He argued with her that all the candies tasted the same though they had different colours. He said the different colours were just to make the candies look attractive. She refuted that each colour had a different chemical make-up, thus a different taste. He disagreed with her stating that she had read way too many books and was over-analysing mere candies.

Looking like a lady who wasn't going to back down, she told him to feed her with the candies while she closed her eyes. So he put one into her mouth which she gladly chewed, then he put another which she also chewed but when he put the blue one, she grimaced. He chuckled and fed her with another colour which she chewed. Then he put the blue one again and she spat it out and said in a non-yelling tone "enough, I can't go through with this!" They both laughed and the amazed boyfriend complimented his girlfriend. He said something like, "You are a genius but weird sometimes".
I assume he kissed her afterwards, because it seemed like that was what would happened next. I cannot remember what came up to make me leave the TV set.

Anyway, I experienced the same thing another evening; although in my case, I was all alone-sad face. I was on my way home from work in a friend's car; listening to the radio while enjoying a small box of candies of different colours. I grimaced when I licked one that tasted like pooh. I brought it out of my mouth and it was purple. Not like I have tasted pooh before, but you know there is a connection between your taste and your smell. It is too complicated for me to explain (don't feel like going into the science student mode) but that is the only logical explanation why that purple candy tasted like pooh. 

Since it was dark, I couldn't see what colour of candy I was taking before putting it into my mouth (didn't want to bother myself checking each one with my phone light) but each time I tasted the purple one, I grimaced and checked it to re-confirm. It made wish my case was like that short romantic clip I watched. 

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@rhodisco I love d romance interesting. Can u pls send more?
@DamisamsunI Just check out ur blog, wonderful!


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