Friday, June 7, 2013

Plan but do not worry!

Worry! Worry! Worry! A trait becoming of humans these days due to the rat race for power, money, wealth, status, class, fame, or for anything we consider important to fit into the present world's notion of 'successful'. We worry at different and every stage of our lives. 

When leaving primary school, we worry about the choice of secondary school. 
When leaving secondary school, we worry about the choice of university and the course to study. 
When leaving the university, worry about where we would be posted to for NYSC. 
When leaving the orientation camp, we worry about our place of primary assignment. 
After youth service, we worry about when we would get a job, the type of job, the salary and other related issues. 
After getting a job, we worry about promotion, better salary or benefits, or a better job.
After getting a better job, we worry about marriage especially the female folk. 
After marriage it's children, the sex of the child, their education...and the list is endless. 
We worry about almost, if not everything.

No incident is too small to take a cue from: I normally take food to work, breakfast and lunch because I am not a fan of buying food outside all the time especially when I can prepare mine. One evening on my way home from work, I got thinking, ''what food will I take to the office tomorrow?'' I started thinking of what we had in the house and what I could prepare with them. "I will cook rice...oh, no stew!" "Is there still vegetable?...daddy ate the last one last night." "There is yam...maybe I should buy eggs. Is there tomato sef?" "There is noodles yipee!...yuck I don't want noodles!"
"There is even Irish potatoes...nah, I don't have time to peel those things."

After racking my tired brain that was still trying to process how long I would spend in the traffic jam, I cautioned myself to stop thinking and take whatever I see when I get home. I got home and was preparing my dinner and my dad’s when my mum returned from work. She welcomed me with a gift bag from her friend whose daughter celebrated her birthday.  It contained a plastic pack of jollof rice with chicken and lacasera...and  guess what? My mum gave me her gift bag with everything in it, making it double!
Lucky me right? If I could see the future, I would not have bothered my brain by worrying and I guess God must have been shaking His head as I weighed all my food options.
(This incident actually inspired this blog post, it happened when I was still living life on the fast lane)

God has said it, do not worry about tomorrow, let tomorrow worry about itself. For today has enough worries of its own.  
By worrying you will not change a thing which God also confirmed. Instead, turn your worry into faith and trust. Have faith in God, trust Him that everything will be fine and it will be.

He didn’t say you should not work hard or plan; He said "don’t worry!" 
So plan with confidence believing that all will be fine. Do not try to accomplish a month's task in one week. Be realistic! Put in your best and leave the rest to God. 
In Proverbs, it is written "look straight ahead with honest confidence; don't hang your head in shame. Plan carefully what you do, and whatever you do will turn out right." With the aforementioned and looking at the story of Joseph in the have absolutely no modicum of reason to worry about anything. You don't want to have high blood pressure because you are worrying unnecessarily, do you?

My quotes to learn from
When God says you will, you will. Fredilia Momodu why worry? A friend told me that there was a day she was so worried about her future that she was close to tears. She was to take JAMB exam for the second time and was feeling downcast. She has a passion for the art of makeup and bead making and wanted to go professional. I introduced her to a good friend who is a makeup artist and does bead-making and gele-tying. She was willing to train her at a very affordable price but her father refused, claiming she had to gain admission first. She said different thoughts were running through her mind, mostly negative. Then she decided to log on to Facebook to ease off. She said the first thing she saw was that quote, "When God says you will, you will. Fredilia Momodu" and it felt like God just patted her on her back. She said she was consoled immediately and chased away the negative thoughts with God's words. 
Right now, she has written the JAMB exam, she passed and is about to write the post UME. She has started learning the art of makeup and bead-making and I can bet my green and brown block-heeled peep-toes that worrying didn't have a role to play.

So, enjoy each moment of your journey to success. When you fall, learn and rise up again. Commit your whole life to God. Learn to let go of the wheel and let God take the driver's seat. Do whatever you have to do (not bad things) to be who you want to be; but most importantly, do not worry...

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It's very hard not to get even a lil bit worried these days. The key is to just put everything in God's hands. Nice post.

where in d world have I been? I just read this piece and I am so blessed thanks Freddy. u knw some1 once described worry as paying in advance for something that might neva happen.

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  1. Human's worry by default these days.I was caught up in that web but when I realized that it doesn't solve problems but compound them,I stoppped worrying.Nice piece.

    1. Thanks friend! Worrying solves absolutely nothing! Sometimes I wake and negative thoughts just seem to surround me and try to make me sad and 'worried'. It takes prayer, self talk, and conscious efforts to drown them. It is basically human nature to worry but we have the control.

  2. People need to know that there are certain issues in life over which they have no control. So worry is a minus. Even for situation under our power, worry has and will never be a plus. Its a disadvantage. Plan, work, have faith but don't worry. Great piece.

    1. Thank you Dele! Well said! Worry is all minus no plus! Noted!

  3. I kinda wrote about you here do check it out as a little token of my appreciation of that you stand for and what you do. Thanks for always speaking the truth to the glory of God. Keep doing what you do.

    1. My darling, thank you so much! I read the post about three times because it's so beautiful. Thanks for appreciating and encouraging us. Keep doing what you do too.

  4. Blessings...
    The simplest state of being is the most difficult to achieve until that is, we give ourselves permission to be still and be in the presence of now.

    have a great day

    1. Blessings to you too Rhapsody and thanks for stopping by...

  5. Ufoma nice piece but u didn't give ur good friend the 2nd goody bag mumsy gave to u. Well I guess I'll get it someday? Bless u

    1. Thank you Wilson aka Junior! Bless you to dear...

  6. This is really added knowledge.

    Thanks for this piece, tempted to share!

  7. Wow really touchin,cos whn U̶̲̥̅̊ get Worried,it doesn't change Anytin,all we need is jst 2 trust in God fully,he'll c us thru IJN

  8. This is so true. Worry doesn't get one far, really.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome dear, lovely site you've got!

  9. Where r u my friend, u haven't blogged in a while. Hope everything's fine with you.

    1. All is well dear, just trying to sort something else out. I will be back very soon.

  10. U just spoke 2 me dear,I've heard the *do not worry* statement a thousand times. It still didn't chase the worryin away,now I'm learning to do that.Worrying is like going through the unpleasant situation twice. Lovely post


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