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Inspirational quotes by Fredilia Momodu Happy new month!!!

Happy new month people!!! We made it to June!!! Hurray!!! Glory to God!!! 

All protocols duly observed...I noticed through my live traffic feed that a reader from the US checked out one of my past posts this morning What a great way to start a new month! Or what do you think?  This make me re-read the post and I got inspired all over again. You should check out the link too and get inspired. News and entertainment gists may go stale but inspiration doesn't. It is one of the reasons why I adore personal bloggers who take out time to creatively express themselves so we can become part of their lives. I must confess, it isn't easy but the passion and the love for it suffices plus your support. (I love you my readers!!!)

Part of the post 'What a great way to start a new month! Or what do you think?'  
Recently I told myself that I would make it a habit to read my bible every day. I made this resolution because I have been finding it difficult to commune with God like I used to when I was much younger. This is as a result of my busy schedule which I explained in one of my posts How to live life on the fast lane
It has actually been bothering me because I am nothing without God. He is the owner of my life, my strength, my protector, my provider, my everything and a strong relationship with Him is the best thing that can happen to any man. I had to put God as part of my plans as I am part of His. I made it a point of duty to study my bible every morning and I also subscribed to daily readings from ‘UCB Word for Today’. 

This morning when I woke up, I prayed and picked up my Bible. I opened to Psalm 5 and read the words. The last verse was ‘You bless those who obey you, Lord; your love protects them like a shield.’ I was overwhelmed and calmed by those words; they struck me. I asked God, “How can I obey you? I want you to always bless me and I want your love to always protect me like a shield” I closed my eyes and meditated on those precious words.

Then I resolved not to consciously do anything that my conscience tags as sin; to be the best I can be in all situations; to glorify God with all He has blessed me with; to thank Him in all situations; to always communicate with Him through prayers; to put Him first in my life; and to never lose faith in Him.
I felt really good afterwards and went on to read the ‘UCB Word for Today’. click the link to continue reading...
The title of this blog post says Inspirational quotes by Fredilia Momodu don't start  wondering, "where are the quotes? Is she sure she chose the right topic?" Here are the quotes:
*God reveals himself to us everyday in different ways, it takes a discerning spirit to see it. Fredilia Momodu   

*Plan, pray, work hard, believe but do not worry.  Fredilia Momodu 

*When God says you will, you will. Fredilia Momodu    

*Your success is not solely dependent on how hard you work, it also dependent on how God chooses to bless you. Either way, you still have to work. Fredilia Momodu 

*Worrying is just a pure waste of time. It does nothing but make you desperate, afraid and miserable. Fredilia Momodu

*Only God can give you that satisfaction you desire because our human wants are limitless. Fredilia Momodu 

*Do not give into the pressures of our fast paced world that you don’t pause to see how beautiful the world is.  Fredilia Momodu

*Let us not get caught up trying to get results that we lose the essence of our being.  Fredilia Momodu  

*Do not be desperate to get all you ask from God. Wait patiently trusting in Him while you do your part to make it a reality. Fredilia Momodu 

*With God's timing, you can never go wrong. Fredilia Momodu   

*Your life doesn't have to be perfect (and most times it isn't) but it must be yours. Fredilia Momodu   

Feel free to use any but do not leave out my name, else...  
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really nice. Love it a lot, thanks for sharing such a beautiful thing with me. God Bless!

Rotimi Akinbiyi@TimiFrost (He tweeted two quotes.)
God reveals himself to us everyday in different ways, it takes a discerning spirit to see it. - (It was Retweeted by
 Your life doesn't have to be perfect (and most times it isn't) but it must be yours -

and lovely quotes too! Yeah @ all times your life must be YOUR's to live and lead,whether perfect or not! 
thanks freddy! A very lovely piece and a very wow way to start a new month! I'm sure putting it to work.

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  1. Hmmmm Good stuff.I like the quote about worrying.Worrying is a waste of time cos it's fruitless.

    1. Glad you do! I have observed more than before that we worry so much over nothing. Most blow small issues out of proportion.

  2. Hmmmmm after this I have to make my own resolutions even in ur thick schedules u make out time 4 God dts lovely and encouraging coz when u have tyme 4 God in turn he does the same 4 u....weldone frnd am encouraged

    1. Hey Daniel, thank you...I really do appreciate it. Happy to a source of encouragement to you dear.

  3. I am happy U'r close 2 God now,dat's wht U really need,n he'll grant u ur heart Desires IJN


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