Saturday, May 25, 2013

Like a poem...

Hello my lovely readers, how was your week? Mine was really busy, I had to work extra hours and I am working this Saturday. I really didn't have the time to compose any blog post but I wrote this yesterday and I want to share it. It came out like a poem, so I titled it "Like a poem" No much editing, just a few punctuations here and there,  it is basically straight from my heart. Now guys tell me, what do you think of it?

A friend commended that I could relate matters of the heart to weather conditions and advised that I try poetry (though I am not so keen on it for now)
Anyway, I would really love to read your comments...

I suddenly felt the irresistible urge to see him.
All dressed up and excited,
I took all I needed and raced to the door.
Standing in front of my house,
holding the door knob...
my left hand was the only part of my body still in the building;
every part of me wanted to see him.
Staring at the fast changing weather,
it seemed like it wanted to rain.
Contemplating going out to hang out with him...
Ouch! I didn't even notify him...silly me!
His number was not reachable, might be the weather.
I knew he would be at home but I wanted to be sure,
changes happen...
The rain! OMG! I may get stuck!
Or he may not be at home!
He may be very busy!
How do I reach him? I need to see him.
His number is still not reachable;
pings not delivering...shoot!
I stared back into the house,
emptiness was all I could see.
I needed him.
His smile, his voice, his laugh, his sense of humour, his craziness...
I needed all of him.
It started to rain very heavily,
thunder roaring and lightening flashing.
The pouring rain could not wash away my sadness.
My face already wet,
not by the rain, but by my tears, like rain pouring from my eyes.
My heart filled with sadness;
I knew I wasn't supposed to see him.
It was for the best and my head knew that.
But I was thinking with my heart...
I didn't have the strength to fight the feelings any longer,
so I just stood there,
partially drenched by the rain
still holding the door knob...

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  1. Wow! That was very nice.It really came from the heart.You won't do badly as a poet you know.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement...yea, totally form my heart.

  2. You are creative in your write up friend. Keep it up with the matter of the heart.

  3. Me likey! It's a nicely written poem. Straight from the heart; no airs; no effizzy! Lol. And I agree with 9ja-great, you won't do badly as a poet. Pls get 'keen' on it, aiit.

    1. Ore mi Geebee, u and Mr 9ja want to connive and introduce me into poetry...anyways, I am really glad you love it!

  4. I could feel it :) Nice going

  5. Its really From d heart,i feel 4 u


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