Friday, May 3, 2013

1 woman--1 issue--3 guys--3 advices=1 perfect solution

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Something unusual happened to me yesterday. I got so fed up with been around people with mediocre attitude and myopic thinking that it affected everything about me: my appetite (no food appealed to me), my mood (I was irritable), my countenance (I didn't smile that day at work except sarcastic smiles count). That day, it was strictly MYB-Mind Your Business. No office chinwag, no trying to be nice to the boss, no going the extra mile to help; I just wasn't in the mood for any of those. 

Imagine putting so much priority on the clock in register. Someone comes in at 7.30am but writes 7.29am and some people take it as their duty to check their wrist watches to see if it's truly 7.29am, then spend some precious minutes arguing loudly that it is actually 7.31am. No one checks the register for pity's sake neither is it used as a criterion for appraisal. A pregnant staff wears a big gown to the office as opposed to the usual tight-fitting corporate wear and the gown becomes a topic of discussion. They call them (the gown and the preggy) all sorts of funny names and tell whoever cares to listen how the gown reminds them of something or someone funny. She is pregnant for crying out loud and her tummy is protruding, do you expect her to wear a tight-fitting jacket to work? Then when did eating breakfast and lunch become eating too much? Was there any memo? Someone please send me an email! You go for your breakfast at 8am, tongues wag that it is too early. You go for your lunch at 3pm, a debate is started to judge if you like food or not. Then a conclusion is reached that you like food.  Eating three times a day is freaking normal people! Ask your doctor! If you cannot afford it, don't blame those who can!

Thinking of all these and more just got me irritated yesterday. I didn't smile like I used to, I ignored all those who brought up time-wasting mediocre discussions (my new strategy now), and I didn't pick my calls on my mobile (I didn't feel like talking). In the evening after I got home, I decided to pick my calls. I received three calls from three different guys who are close to me. When they asked me how I was and how my day went, I told them exactly how I felt as stated above and added a little melodrama, then asked for their advice. 

First guy-He went all spiritual.
He advised I take my frustrations to God and let Him take control. He also advised me never to cease praying and to always have faith in God. He said I should just ask God for His will to be done in my life and wait on Him for a change. He said God has a reason for everything and things would surely get better with time. He ended by telling me to cheer up and stop worrying. 

Second guy-He was really factual. He first said he would not advise me to resign just like that but I should plan towards it. Then he asked if I had thought of going into business and advised I start thinking of business ideas. He asked me what I was interested in, my skills and natural gifts and explored various business ideas with me and their likely challenges. He told me I could be whatever I wanted to be as long as I put my mind in it.

The 1st guy didn't think of the reality on ground, he based his advice solely on the spiritual. Though it first comes to past in the spirit before it manifests physically, but faith without good works is dead. You can't pray for success in your ICAN exams and sleep all day, else failure with all that comes with it awaits such a person. The 2nd guy never mentioned prayer, faith or God unlike the 1st guy. To him, as long as you work hard and you are determined to make it, you will. I will not dispute that fact but I still prefer to put God in the picture.  

Just like one of #FrediliaMomoduQuotes Do not wait until you are worn out from trying before you ask God for help, turn to Him from the start and every time.
Third guy- He was just hilarious. He made me laugh amidst my worries. When he called and I told him how I felt, he first told me it was just a matter of time. But when I insisted that he wasn't helping and I needed concrete advise, he told me to hang myself and just end it all in his usual sense of humour. I just laughed and realised I was actually over working myself. He made me realise that I had it all at my finger tips and just needed to calm down. 

After his call, I thought of the three different advices I got from my three different male friends and realised that the best of all three advices was the combination of them. Take my burdens to God in prayer and ask for wisdom(1st guy); plan, work hard and be focused(2nd guy); enjoy my journey to success no matter how bumpy(3rd guy). Funny enough, the advices came in the right sequence: God first, hard work, and just take it easy as you strive in faith. This just accentuates the awesome nature of God and how He uniquely made each one of us. As for moi, I am far better than yesterday- I feel awemazing!!!

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  1. inditing insightful, impactful write up. You kept me stay glued to your post. keep it up gal!

  2. Good advise from the three wise men. Faith without work is dead. As we stratagies our ideas to success, we should also seek God. Good Blog.

  3. Lovely piece fred.ur amazing!.:*

  4. Interesting piece, Freddie. Keep up!

  5. nice, i like how you summarized everything and the lessons you learned from each person..
    im glad ure fine now..take kia

  6. You said it all Freddy! That's how it should be! Have a nice week!

  7. Insightful post. Indeed, every opinion could be considered regardless of how bland it sounds. There's always at least one positive thing to take out from every advice. The three opinions were totally different but their combination brought about a perfect solution. Thanks for this ma'am!

    1. Gee, I always feel like your comments should be replied by someone greater than I am. I truly appreciate every cell in your intelligent brain involved in the process of your typing something beautiful.

  8. Just reading this piece now and it's truly amazing. You have a way of bringing what's important from little stories

    1. Thank u dear...I get my inspiration what everything that goes on around me.


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