Saturday, April 6, 2013

Drawing energy and inspiration from a positive feeling

Hello my beautiful readers, I am in a grateful mood right now so I am drawing energy from this positive feeling and using it to show appreciation this morning. I won't let the feeling just remain within me; instead I will express it in all the ways I can. 
So first of all, I am taking this beautiful moment to say a huge thank you to all who have ever commented on my blog, directly on it or via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or via BBM. Another set of huge thank you's to all those who read but do not comment; to those who retweet or rebroadcast my posts; and to those who have assisted me in making my blog better. Most importantly, my heartfelt thank you goes to everyone who have shown me love (you all fall in this category too)
Frankly, you guys are many and I was struggling to see if I should or could mention names but I can't help it, I want to. 

GOD FIRST! For putting the feeling in me! I am grateful Father! I love you!
Nollywood REinvented-ore mi blogger from way back THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES-fun starts with you Love Movies?-Mr Awesome Romance Meets Life-the Nigerian queen of romance Miss Petite Nigeria-Beauty and brains 
Mc Busta Mouth Global Paul George Phemy Ivie Ibe Dominic Oswald Faithee Oga Kunle-my boss Wilson aka Juniour Uncle Jude Dupe-CEO La la land Eloho-cousin to badt Anonymous and many others (please forgive me if I didn't mention your name)...You know how you have contributed and made an impression (don't want to start spilling) and I sincerely appreciate all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Pictures I took yesterday when my TGIF mood was activated!



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  1. Nice one! Sometimes, just feeling good about oneself could be a motivating factor to do just about anything - scream, laugh, jump, run, dance . . . and of course, WRITE! (amongst many other stuff). I'm glad you drew inspiration from yours and yes, thanks for the mention too! *winks*. Nice pictures by the way. Have a splendid day and weekend.

  2. And thank you too, especially for linking to the new name!

  3. Thanks Freddie! Happy writing ..... or blogging! Cheers :D


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