Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bros, what do you really want? Part 3

Bros, what do you really want? Part 2 and the story continues...

Immediately, Stacey pinged bros' younger brother who is her good friend and asked him for Mr recruiter's phone number. His brother gave it to her immediately but then did a double take and asked her why she wanted it. Stacey didn't waste any time in updating him. Their chat went like this:
(Let's call his brother B) 

Stacey-Pls can u give me your brother's no?
B-080++++ Hope all is well?
Stacey-Nope, I wana tongue-lash him!
Stacey-Really mad at him, he doesn't respect my space!
B-What happened? Aahh! How! Pls don't! Oh o o o, why! Why did I give u his number without asking? Abeg na, just do this for me. Pls, don't do it!
Stacey-After mass he is always trying to tell me about his organisation and persuading me to join which is not bad. But I have noticed that even though he knows I'm with someone he doesn't respect that fact and leave me alone. Today he really got me pissed. You know my bf travelled and came back for 3wks.  You know we normally see after mass. Today my bf was waiting for me as usual and as I was going to meet him your brother as usual starting pestering me about joining the organisation. I told him someone was waiting for me; he saw my bf yet he didn't want to leave.
B-OMG! I'm sowie about that but pls don't do the tongue-lashing thing.
Stacey-I was still trying to get to my bf who had been standing under the sun waiting for me but your bro didn't deem it fit to leave me alone. He was still being pushy and insinuated that I should have said all I wanted to say to my bf inside the church. He said something like "what else do you have to say?" Still not leaving me alone. I didn't want to push him aside or embarrass him but I wanted to see my bf. I was kinda stuck and he was making it worse. He didn't even have enough respect in him to say hi to my bf who was still patiently waiting. Even my mum had to ask me why I kept my bf waiting and was talking to someone else for so long. My bf got angry and left. Your bro does it every time and I don't like it. He should know when to take his leave and how to respect someone's space. Is it too much for him to tell my bf to excuse him instead of acting like my bf's invisible?
Stacey-Is it because my bf is quiet and doesn't react easily? u can't do that to some guys!
B-Guys like me u know...really sowie anyway
Stacey-Pls tell him to stay clear from me next Sunday becuase he would hate my reaction. As for the organisation thing, he should recruit someone else.
B-But all the same sowie, u should have let me know this before it got to this. Just take ma apologies ok?
Stacey-I won't call him for ur sake, thanks anyway.
B-Wow, uw!

I advised her not to let his attitude be the reason why she wasn't joining the organisation. I told her to do a rethink after she had calmed down, since joining the organisation would be good for her spiritual growth.

The story actually continues...Stacey saw him on Sunday as she left the church after mass. He approached her as she was looking for her dad's car at the park. As he walked up to her, Stacey shut him up before the words came out of his mouth. After walking around the entire park, she finally saw her dad's car and to her amazement, saw bros with her bf! Bros was reporting Stacey to her boyfriend for involving his younger brother.  After he was done, he went to Stacey and told her he was angry with her. Stacey said she assumed not to hear a thing and asked him when the next meeting would hold. (It is this Sunday yikes!) 
Stacey informed me that her bf told her that bros apologized for crossing his boundary but claimed he never knew he (Stacey's bf) was dating Stacey. "What a fat lie!" she said. Even her bf said bros was lying, since virtually the whole church knows about Stacey's relationship with her bf.

That's all from Stacey and bros because their matter sef don tire me; but still thinking, what does bros actually want? Stacey or Stacey's salvation? I still don't know. 
Anyway, ne comprends pas! smh...

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  1. Hmmm! Lovely story. Indeed, we all should know 'bros' wants more than just Stacey's salvation! Lol. He didn't know she and her BF were dating ke? What a liar! An egoistic one too! I say good riddance to bad rubbish. Well done ma'am. I love the way you related this. Hope Stacey reads it as well.

    1. Thanks dear, Stacey and her bf have read it and they love the 3 posts! Don't mind bros, God will deliver him.

  2. After reading all 3 parts, bros definitely wants more than Stacey's salvation

    1. Smart answer Lara! I checked out your blog and just had to add you to my blog list, wouldn't mind if you did same. Interesting blog you've got!

  3. What na excellent way of letting d boyfriend kw his intentions, but d bros really wanted more Dan stacy's salvation

  4. I think it is improper n torulli inappropriate 4 bros to try 2 snatch stacy from her bf..werse still using church parols 2 do vat..dat is like holy misconduct..God is watching him

    1. Vladimir you commented as promised! Thanks! Really appreciate your words of encouragement. As for bros....Oluwa is watching...

  5. the guy sha!! nawa ooo!!ahn ahn

  6. Bros rily wants more than "joining organisation" things. But since he knows dat sister stacey is on "busy"mode,he shud respect himself and move on with his life. No be byforce na.
    Nice one fredilia, a fun story to read.

  7. Bros rily wants more than fellowship things o but so sad dat sister stacey is on "busy" mode. So bros shud move on with his life and find another sister to recruit.
    Nice one fredilia,keep it up.

  8. THis is seroious... Fellowship cannot just end in the church like that, fellowship continues even after church. bros understand!

  9. It might just be he has some revelation about Stacey hence the interest.


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