Saturday, March 16, 2013

Unfair suspension of 'my oga at the top'!

I don't know how true it is, but if Obafaiye Shem has really been suspended, I think it is unfair. We should not use a hammer to kill a mosquito here. If it were an informal off-air conversation, he could have said he didn't know the name of the website and asked a colleague or a subordinate; but since he was on-air, I'm sure he was caught unawares and he tried to wriggle out of it like anyone in his shoes would have done. It doesn't mean he doesn't know his job but he is obviously not a computer genius. 

Let us be real, how many of our parents can mention websites? What about Nigerian celebs who can't sing the second stanza of the national anthem? Or those you can't recite the national pledge without the ehms and raising an eye brow in an effort to rack their brains? What about the Nigerian Governor that mentioned Fanta and Coke as part of the country's mineral resources? It just like going for a job interview. You can be nervous all through; you can be taken aback by an unexpected question, it doesn't make you incompetent, does it? Not everyone is an expert when it comes to interviews and not everyone is a fluent speaker. 

I thank God he wasn't sacked and I pray the suspension is not indefinite. I feel for him, this man should be called back to office. Although the video is actually funny but please, you guys should free him...some people laughing at this man do not know their schools' or companies' website names. 
To those who suspended him, please I am begging you, unsuspend Mr Obafaiye Shem (unless there are other reasons aside 'ww.nscdc that's all'), it could have been you (you could have done worse)!

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  1. Alas! It was a big mistake milady¿
    However, i have the slogan printed on my Beloveth Arsenal Jersey. How does this sound?

    1. Sunbo, so you are one of them? It doesn't sound nice. Naughty you!


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