Saturday, March 16, 2013

My phobia almost hunted me

I have a phobia for mentally derailed people (mad people as the lay man would say). I am always scared that they could attack me if I go close to them. Anytime I see one on one side of the road, I cross over to the other side. I don't look at them and I walk as fast as I can. I totally stay clear of their paths. However as I grew older, I got less scared. I stopped crossing over to the other side of the road when I saw them and I was more empathic because they were once normal. 

Anyway the reason why I am telling you this is because of what happened to me this morning. I left my house at 7am for a training and took a keke napep to the next bus stop. When I got to the bus stop, I came down from the vehicle and saw a mad woman sitting on the floor along the pedestrian walk way and laughing. The old me would have taken an alternative route to avoid her but the grown and less afraid moi decided to take the pedestrian walkway. I walked past her and even looked at her. Then I asked myself, "why is she laughing?" And replied myself, "what is your own? Can you go and ask her?" I came out of my thoughts and noticed some passers-by were staring at my direction. I felt maybe they were staring at something, I couldn't be bothered. 

After trekking a short distance, I got into the next vehicle and behold, as I sat down, I saw the mad woman trying to get my attention and she raise her two fingers in the air giving me the peace sign. People in the bus just stared at her and one man dared to stare at me. The woman was actually following me. She behind me all the whole time, no wonder passers-by stared my way. 
When I narrated the incident to a friend, I said, "but people are wicked, why didn't they tell me?" I thought of it again and thanked God they didn't. Because I would have run and she might have chased me-drama for the public.What if she had pulled my ponytail, pushed me or worst, hugged me? Yikes! I thank God none of that happened. 
No more miss I-ain't-scared because I am. This incident has made me resolve to go back to being the old me. 

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  1. Funny. The mad woman would have hugged or kissed you(mauh!) Lolzz. Though a Nice Blog, keep it up.

    1. Very funny Busta...I pray it never happens to you.


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