Saturday, March 30, 2013

Isn’t there a kissing tutorial centre somewhere?

This happened a long time ago. I published it on my first blog but didn't share it. I want to share it now for your reading pleasure...enjoy!
There was this handsome guy I met in the bank who approached me saying my face was familiar. Well he was right, we were church members. We properly introduced ourselves but there was no exchange of contacts just names. We started seeing each other in church but it was a ‘hi hi’ thingy. After some weeks, I joined a department in church only to meet this same guy. I was very happy but we didn’t start a close friendship right away not until a month or so. He had been trying to visit me but I was always doing one thing or the other. 
On this fateful day, I went to church in the evening for fellowship and I saw him. However it was already late and he was still praying so I didn’t wait to say hi. When I had got close to my house, I got a phone call from him; but I told him that I had gotten close to my house and would see him some other time. Sensing that he felt disappointed, I called him back to ask for a day when we could actually talk like a date. (Although I still planned to post him.) To my surprise, he asked if he could see me that same night at my place and this was around 9pm. Knowing that I would not be able to make out the time to see him, I agreed. We chatted like Christians. He later requested for my pictures which I gave to him to look at.
Later he asked if he could sleep over. I was shocked because to me he was a Christian brother, HE MINISTERS! Of course I said no. Well not blatantly; I gave him reasons why he couldn’t and shouldn’t.
Well it went like this;
Me: are you serious?
(He nodded silently)
Me: you know it’s dangerous. You know you are a guy, I’m a lady and stuff could happen; unless you are not interested in me.
He: stuff like what?
Me: you know.................and he kissed me.
Oh my God! It was the most horrible kiss ever! It felt like he was giving me a head and my mouth was the ....u know. Wait a minute! That’s even better. I was more like milk in a bowl and he was a cat having his lick. He just kept on thrusting his stiff hard tongue in and out of my mouth. It was more than awful.
The issue then was, he wanted to see me again but after that bad kiss episode...God forbid! The kiss destroyed everything plus the friendship. I tripped, stood up and ran away...definitely not to him or anywhere close.

My advice to brothers out there-always get your first kiss right because you might not get a second chance.

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  1. Awwww! That guy messed up real bad! He never really had to go that far. Although I could understand he had strong feelings for you and his hormones were probably raging out of control but then every right-thinking adult should be able to control these emotions. Plus he was supposed to be a 'brother', 'a minister'. You guys might probably have had something later on but that act just about destroyed any such possibility.

    1. What kind of hormones? He needs a kissing tutorial. I want to believe he changed sha.

  2. He actually asked to sleep over? O_O

    1. He did o my sis, can you imagine that? I am positive I would have died of disgust.


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