Sunday, March 10, 2013

Father, daughter and a can of spray starch...

After work on Thursday evening, I went to the shopping mall to get milk for the house. I noticed something interesting as I stood at the milk section deciding which milk to buy from the varieties staring at me. It was the pleasant high-pitched voice of a little girl (she looked five-ish) saying "I want that one!" that caught my attention. She wore a dark pink A-line spaghetti top with black leggings and flat black shoes. She was with her apparent proud father because he happily dropped whatever she pointed at into the trolley. After deciding, I picked 6 tins of evaporated milk and a tin of condensed milk, then I took a stroll to see if I would find any other thing I needed. 

Coincidentally, the excited little girl and her father were behind me. I kept hearing "I want that one!" and each time I heard it, I peeped and saw her father putting the item in the trolley. That eventually got me curious. Wow! I thought to myself. It must be her birthday! That must be why her father is giving her whatever she wants. Well lucky birthday girl, I continued in my thoughts. 

After deciding I wasn't buying any other thing, I queued up to pay for my tins of milk. As I waited for my turn, I watched the happy father and daughter as they walked towards the cashier next to the one I was waiting for. Shoot! That cashier had less people on her queue and I didn't notice. I was too busy watching the father-daughter drama. All of a sudden, the five-ish girl screamed, "Daddy I want cake" as they passed by the cake section. The proud father in his thick voice replied, "which one?" and she pointed at a big size birthday cake-you know, the type you cut on your birthday. I couldn't resist it anymore, so I asked politely, "Sir is today her birthday?" I actually wanted to wish her a happy birthday. Her father surprised me with his answer, "No (laughing) she just likes cake". 75R3BEU24488

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Well, it wasn't my business but a birthday-size cake for a child who just liiikesss cake! Hmmm! That was not even the height of it. As they offloaded their trolley on the counter, I watched as the cashier brought out each item: 2 packs of chocolate cookies, different candies, a large chocolate bar, a carton of juice, the large cake...and I just had to ask myself, "what else did this man buy?" That was when the cashier brought out the last item, a can of spray starch. His goods cost approximately N6000 and what did he buy? One can of spray starch and ijekuje!  What!

When I got home, I was in a hurry to tell my mum. I started by saying, "mummy, money is good oo! won't believe what I saw where I bought the milk". I narrated the incident and added my thoughts-When will that girl finish everything? At least he should have bought a smaller cake. He didn't have to buy everything she wanted. Surprisingly my mum smiled and said, "That is how your father was when you were little" and she told me stories to back her point. It made me journey down memory lane and I realised she was right. It was just the man's way of expressing his love towards his daughter. However, I will still say, "money is good oo!"

FYI:ijekuje means junk food, sweet, biscuits, etc in Yoruba

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  1. Money is good dear but it is also good to control it than allow it control us. Good blog.

    1. Thanks dear...We have the wisdom of God to help us in money matters.

  2. That sounds like one indulged child. smh.

    As you are a poster child for indulged kids according to your mom, i shall refrain from passing judgment. You turned out right abi? lol

    1. I definitely turned out right! No judgment passing from me "Mi Lord" but money is still good o...


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