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How to prevent teeth sensitivity-my story...

My story
I have soft enamel (sad face). My dad calls my teeth 'milk teeth' (bland face). I found this out some years back when I paid a visit to my dentist to fill a hole in my tooth. He advised me not to brush too hard and to get soft tooth brushes. He also advised me to avoid putting my teeth under pressure like cracking hard substances such as strong bones or opening crown corks of soft drinks with my teeth. I remember the first and only time I tried it, I felt pieces of my tooth on my tongue (my tooth cracked). That happened about 12 years back. 

Also when I was much younger, while taking any sweet drink I would fill my entire mouth with it 'as if I was rinsing my mouth with it' before swallowing it. It just felt better that way (more or less relishing the taste) but I never realised I was damaging my enamel until I went to the dentist and discovered I had soft enamel yikes!!!

Recently, I suffered from teeth sensitivity and it was the least pleasant experience. My incisors and canines were sensitive to everything: my tooth brush, biting any kind of food, even was that bad. I couldn't brush with my toothbrush, I had to use cotton wool. I racked my brain for what would have caused it and found nothing. I was so afraid and confused that I 'googled' it up for information. 
After reading, I realised my dental errors and made corrections; they have been working for me since then. I had to update my sister because she believes that the more you brush your teeth, the cleaner and whiter they will become. I don't want anyone I love to suffer teeth sensitivity because it is so unpleasant. It is the reason I decided to share these few dental tips with you all.

I would start by saying teeth sensitivity is a sharp shocking sensation in the teeth which is very uncomfortable. It is mainly caused when the enamel wears out and the dentine becomes exposed. The enamel has no nerves but the dentine does which makes us feel pains when it is exposed. The enamel protects the teeth and it is the hardest part of the body but can wear out if not properly taken care of.

Below are ways to prevent our enamel from wear
*Do not brush too hard or use a hard toothbrush (unless your dentist says otherwise): The friction and pressure they cause wears the enamel overtime.

*Do not brush immediately after taking any acidic food or drink and always rinse your mouth afterwards: This is because acidic substances soften and gradually wear out the enamel and brushing immediately after would only make it worse. It is advisable to rinse your mouth with water which is neutral after taking such foods or drinks containing acid. Such as citrus fruits and drinks, sour foods and drinks, soft drinks.
Also it is best to use a straw when taking the above drinks to minimise contact with the teeth.

*General advice: Drink lots of water and eat right. The inside reflects the outside. No matter how hard you try, if the inside is not healthy, it would ultimately affect the outside one way or the other. 

*Go for regular dental check up: Your dentist is your best teeth doctor so always visit him/her to know your dental status. Prevention is better than cure.

I am not an expert on this, neither am I trying to be one. I am just using my experience and little knowledge to educate you as I don't want any of you to fall victim out of ignorance. There are other factors that can cause teeth sensitivity, you can do your research or ask your dentist for more information.

Finally, I don't want smiling to become a pain for you when you are 50 because that is when life truly starts. Say cheese...

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  1. Wow! Thanks for educating me about my dental routine check up. You are my best blogger, good job. (BM)

    1. You are welcome Mc Busta Mouth, you are my favourite fan!

  2. Nice one girlfriend...Also increasing the amount of milk you drink is helpful cos calcium is great for keeping teeth healthy and enamel intact...Also to stop excessive sugar especially in soft drinks..
    It is so nice you r using the good, bad and ugly of u to educate and inspire people which is rare to see..your blog is so unique..I am reading all through right now..Stay blessed!...Globalpaul!

    1. Thanks Paul, I have learnt my lesson. Glad I am passing positive info through my personal experience.

  3. My brother has rather sensitive teeth too, which made teaching him how to brush his teeth when he was little quite the nightmare. Thankfully, he learned how to properly take care of his teeth, so they haven’t been much of a problem since. We were all a little surprised to find out that brushing your teeth can do a lot of damage as well when not done right, or when done too much, so we’ve all been very cautious about our own brushing habits after that.

    1. Seriously, I never knew that too till I had to visit my dentist and I am still paying attention to it. It pays to be informed. Thank God for your brother, teeth sensitivity can be painful.


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