Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Relationship/Marriage Tips-What my father told me

Valentine may be over but what I learnt that day would last me a life time. Valentine's day was supposed to be like any other day for me. I had no special plans and I wasn't planning to wear red or be associated with the razzmatazz of valentine. I woke that morning feeling a little chilly and decided to wear my cardigan as my inner wear. Coincidentally it was red so I wore my red earrings to match. 

When I got out, I saw ladies wearing different shades of red and I said to myself, "valentine people", only for me to realise I was one of them. When I got to the office my colleagues commented that I complied with the valentine colour but I told them it was a coincidence which of course they didn't believe. The day went as normal although a colleague gave me a large bar of dark chocolate with hazel nut in it which was part of her valentine gift. 

After work, I went home. I had my bath, had my dinner and decided to read the newspaper. A story that caught my attention was one about a lady whose boyfriend beat her and threw a hot stove with a pot of boiling stew on it at her, leaving her seriously burnt. An argument about a phone call the lady received led to this. My dad saw me reading it and felt it was the best time to give me advice on relationship and marriage. At first, I was like noooo...not now. I am tired!

However, as he spoke, I began to appreciate his fatherly advice full of wisdom. We had a long talk and he reminded me of little but important things that a woman shouldn't overlook, whether she is married or in a serious relationship. I would have loved to share them with you like he told me, but I am sure you must have heard them before. Instead I will list them out randomly and give you the pleasure of figuring out the details.

Phone ethics-Don't act funny when you want to receive phone calls in the presence of your partner. Delete unimportant messages on your phone that may arouse suspicion. Don't hide to make or receive calls or to send messages. Feel free to let him check your phone if he wants to; you should never have something to hide. Do not be scared to leave your phone around him unlocked. Do not encourage friends to call you at odd hours.

Social ethics-Don't leave him all alone at a function while you hang out with your friends. Do not be the miss or mrs I-know-all-the-guys at an event. Don't keep too many male friends to the detriment of your relationship. Don't disrespect him especially outdoors. Don't use social media as an escape route to do dirty games. (If it ain't right, it ain't right. Once you are committed to a man, stick to him.)

Attitude guide-Never give your partner a reason to be jealous or suspicious. Never try to make him jealous by using your ex. Let him know you are proud of him. Be open and free with your partner. Do not keep secrets. Even if you get home after him, still ask him if he has eaten, what he ate or what he will eat. Always ask him how his day went. Call him, don't always expect him to do the calling. In a case where you earn more, do not show off or rub it in. Never practise tit for tat, it might just get ugly. Accept him for who he is, he can never be perfect. (Reminded me of my true love post

Spiritual guide-Always pray for him and commit your relationship to God. It is not easy being a man, he is bound to be tempted. Especially now that temptation wears shorter skirts, tighter pants, is more colourful and in your face.
The one I love the most-Do not let the world influence your love because in the end, it is your happiness that matters.

The above advice is not meant for the female folk only, applies to the men also. So take a cue guys...

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  1. Replies
    1. Coming from the queen of romance and love, I feel honoured. Thank you.

  2. Lovely tips and a good fatherly advice to a daughter. Good blog post. You are my best blogger.

    1. Thank you Mc, your comments always stamp a smile on my face.

  3. As always, superb post Freddy! Cheers!

    1. Thanks your awesomeness...the fact that you are intelligent and smart makes me appreciate your comment more. Hope blogging is cool on your end?

  4. #12345 = Check Check Check Check Check.

    Your father is a Wiseman and is blessed to have a daughter who listens and shares :)

    p.s. Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

    1. Thanks dear, sweet comment...You are welcome also. Your blog is lovely, I will definitely add it to my bloglist. Would love you to do same...take care Ginger!

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  7. True words from a wise father... Nice 1 dear


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