Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My last day in my place of primary assignment with videos-Memoir

Finally, I was leaving my place of primary assignment for good! I was travelling back to Ibadan to prepare for my final parade. Yipeee!!! I was as excited as any corper in Nigeria would be but more excited than those who worked in the cities because I served in a very remote village. (Although I shuttled between the village and the city, some days in the village, others in the city.) You can check out stories about my PPA/NYSC experience by clicking any of these links-
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From orientation camp to a strange land 2
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Tales of my PPA

I wanted to always remember my last day in that village because it was a day I waited anxiously and patiently for and knew I would cherish forever. Living in that village was a terror at first, but I began to endure and appreciate it; although I still couldn't wait for it to be over. On my last day in the village, I woke up late, did the usual 'shower, breakfast, etc' then went to the school to wish my students and colleagues goodbye. As I was about leaving the staff room to go to my room to pack my things, the idea of making a video came to me, and I did just that. I call it my last walk in Bataki-Idiya.  Enjoy...
last walk as a corper in Bataki-Idiya 

Also I was inspired by my experience as I couldn't believe that a tush girl like me could live well in an uncivilised village like I did. I summarised my experience and emotions in this 3mins video. Check it out!  

my 3mins summary of my NYSC experience

FYI-I was part of the Batch A 2010/11 set...just sharing my experience

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  1. Congrats on rounding up your NYSC. The village is really interior. You will surely make it, Amen.

    1. Thanks Myne but this is just a memoir. I finished service in 2011...but it's good to know you have my back...


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