Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ladies, instead of buying another lip colour, make one!

I got this inspiration from my younger sister, so this blog post is dedicated to her. I love you sis! Muah!

One Sunday morning, as we were dressing up for church, I noticed my sister was spending more time than usual in front of the mirror. Out of curiosity, I ask her what she was doing. She replied in her sweet tiny voice, "I am mixing the lip gloss." I just smiled and let her be.
However on another day, the idea of mixing lip colours just popped into my head and I resolved to do it the next time I made up. The next time was last week, a Sunday morning and I mixed my light pink and red lip colours. I put a little pink lip colour on the back of my palm, then the red beside it and took from both and mixed on another part of my palm with my finger. It gave me another colour which I fell in love with. I was pleased with my experiment when a friend said, "your lips are hot!"
See...Isn't it lovely and hot?

the pink colour alone
the red colour alone

So ladies, go lip colour experimenting!!!

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  1. Lovely lip colour combo. It is good to experiment sometimes, good blog post keep it hot.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Ginger dear...appreciate your comments.


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