Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let your lifestyle inspire others!

Stacey was eager to fill me in with the continuation and conclusion of her story In your choices, BE YOURSELF! where she told us about her colleague who said some awful things about the way she (Stacey) dresses to work and gave her distorted advice. You can read it up for update. 

"F" she said, "You know me, silly words don't get to me, especially from people who don't really matter. After listening to all the bs she said about the way I dress to work, I realised that I was much more visible and more important than I thought I was. I continued being me and refused to let mere words bother me.
Hmmm...someone that told me she doesn't give a damn about how she looks at work and dresses down to work, now dances to a different song. She has evolved from I-don't-care-how-I-look to I-gotta-look-good. She has started using makeup, wearing her prettier clothes and now wears stiletto heels. This babe has transformed completely. It got me thinking, what happened to the I-do-not-care-how-I-look lady? Did she die? 
Anyway, it is apparent she did some rethinking and had a change of heart after our girlie chit-chat. Hmmm! I must have inspired something in her. What if I had taken her 'advice'? Both of us would have been looking funny by now, but thank God I stuck to my standards; a lady has turned fabulous. 
Bottom line is I inspired and influenced her positively. Even though she will never say it to my face, I know it and it is very obvious. Everyone can tell she puts extra efforts in looking good these days."

That was Stacey a mirror version of me.
You don’t need to take a mic and speak to a crowd to make an impact. Just  by being you, you can make a big impact. It could start from just one  person as in Stacey's case and gradually spread.

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    1. Thanks a lot. I will continue to do my best and always have the courage to drop comments as you wish OK. Your comments are highly appreciated.

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    1. You r welcome... When it comes to group activities, it is easy to lose self trying to blend which is unhealthy. I hope you are like Stacey who stands her ground and feels comfortable being herself...


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