Thursday, November 1, 2012

If you want it, go for it! (My Cinema Experience)

From the first moment I saw the trailer of the movie Step up revolution, I promised myself I was going to watch it. Anytime it was aired on STV, my blood pumped faster and I got all excited. For three weeks I kept procrastinating, but thanks to our Muslim brothers and sisters, we had a 2-day public holiday which gave me the perfect opportunity.   I checked the Ozone movie menu online; the movie was scheduled for 11.50am on Friday. I was really happy and planned to go with my sister and a friend. 

The following day, which was Friday, was really cloudy and it threatened to rain. My sister got discouraged and said she was no longer going. I wasn’t going for that; I told her the rain would not kill us and we were going. We made it to the cinema, but to our surprise, the movie menu had been changed and Step up revolution was scheduled for 3.35pm. (We were informed that any changes in the movie menu were done on Friday mornings.) I checked the menu and found out that I wasn’t interested in watching any other movie (so was my friend); it was Step up revolution or nothing. (My sister was ready to settle for Avengers.) As a positively stubborn lady that I am, I made up my mind to wait till 3.35pm (and this was about 10.30am) for the movie I actually came for. I could not settle for another movie because I would feel restless and unfulfilled each time I saw the trailer. So I hung around with my sister and my friend.

Just for the record, a guy walked up to us and told us about his mouth-watering sales. He was selling clothes of N10 000 for N2000. Total rip off I said! I accused him of cheating people because what will make you reduce price of your goods by N8000...haba! He further shocked us by saying he sold some for N500. We decided to check him out but we were very disappointed. Katangora clothes are far better than what he showed us. I made sure he saw the disgust written all over my face.
Also, though it seemed silly, it was actually fun watching people move up the escalator.
Time for the movie...yey!!! I loved the fact that the dance moves were technology-incorporated especially the dance in the art gallery. Their first protest dance was da bomb where all the dancers where dressed in black suits and danced under a rain of dollars. Also the final dance was really awesome especially when the Step up 2 dancers came in. Moose, the smallish guy in Step up 2 that does the MJ moves got everyone excited, me inclusive. He blew all of us away with his dust effect. A funny scene was when the councillor saw some policemen standing and told one of them to do something about the situation, only for him and us to discover that they were dancers in disguise. The policeman he touched just turned like a dancing robot and stuck a sausage in the councillor’s mouth, as a way of telling him to shut the hell up.

All in all, the movie was enthralling and I enjoyed every moment of it. I felt like watching Step up revolution and I did. Even though I had to wait for about 5hours, I felt very good and satisfied in the end. 

Lesson to learn
There are many beautiful things we wish to accomplish in life apart from the major goals we set for ourselves and they spice up one’s life. You can make a list of them, no matter how silly. Take a pen and write them down. They could be learning a new instrument, learning a new sport, joining a club, going to a place you’ve always wanted to go, cooking a meal, doing karaoke, speaking at a function, designing a dress, singing a solo, spending time with someone important, and many more as it pleases you. It doesn’t have to be appealing to everyone; it is your life not theirs. To some, it might seem outlandish; to some, silly; and to some, insignificant. It doesn’t really matter; the most important thing is that it makes you happy.
Whatever you feel like doing, do it! Do it so you do not keep wondering how it would feel if you did it. That feeling is called regret and it is not a pleasurable one to experience. It may take you out of your comfort zone but what the heck? Be spontaneous, live! If you want it, go for it!

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