Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st Nigeria is 52! This is what I have to say!

This is not a blog post, it is just me talking to myself-so please pardon any errors. You can call it a soliloquy or monologue, even trilogue-me, myself and I. I should have posted this earlier but PHCN decided that today of all days, they would not supply my community with power till late this evening. Anyway, yesterday I wasn't really feeling myself. No enthusiasm, no motivation, no will-power, nothing...just little me playing with my phone and with my ear piece plugged into my ears listening to some Enya and Yanni music.

I was having my dinner when I saw something on a popular TV station about Nigeria being 52...yada yada yada...tune in at 7am. My aunt actually brought my attention to it when she said, "na who dey want make e wake at that time pscheww?" I laughed and agreed in silence. I also thought to myself, even if one decides to wake up to watch/listen, will there be power supply? 

In the Twitter mood, I tweeted about it.
tomorrow is for sleeping, not excited at all. A station showing Nig @ 52 7am. Who r dey expectin to b awake @dat tym? PHCN go gree?  and my friend replied
fredilia is vexing
which I replied back
Vexing ke. I get tym! I'm even enjoyin a plate of peppersoup with catfish and turkey. 
After some time on Twitter, I went into a shallow trance, swimming in thoughts of how life would have been if Nigeria was a land where the dreams of children and youths were not frustrated. I watch American films and hear Americans talk about the American dream; but I hardly hear of the Nigerian dream. Please if you do, let me know. Maybe that is too ambiguous, let me rephrase. What is my dream as a person and how can Nigeria make it happen? Nigeria hmmm...(screaming in my mind) Nigeria how can you make my dreams happen? JAMB question abi! 

If Nigeria were one person, these are what I would ask her (like a mother scolding her child)

Why did you allow me spend 3years doing JAMB without admission? It is not as if I was not passing. 
Why did you pressure me to choose Chemistry all because I wanted to gain admission? Lack of proper counselling.
Why don't you ensure that there are career counselling centres in secondary schools to give our young ones a sense of direction before choosing a course of study in the university?
Why is it that schools are all about books at the expense of a child's natural abilities? I was good at speaking, writing, drawing and performing arts but who cared. 
Why are  graduates working in places where their talents and education don't fit just because they want to make a living? 
Why do we import virtually everything when God has blessed Nigeria with numerous natural resources?
Why can't we have stable power supply after 52 years? A piece of advise: you don't need to change the name again, PHCN=NEPA.
Why is corruption the order of the day amongst those who are supposed to be our leaders? They accumulate wealth at the expense of the people and still get national awards.
Why do perpetrators of evil go scot-free?
Why do the Rich keep getting richer and the Poor poorer?  
Why do our parents and grandparents say you were better in their time? What has happened to you Nigeria? What has happened to you o?
I am positive we all have our different answers to these questions. 
What can man or woman do? I thank God for our flexible and resilient nature, because anywhichway, we must make things work for us. That is why we are Nigerians!

I woke this morning and thought of the president's speech came to mind. I looked at my clock it was 8am. I checked, no light. Then I remembered the past gifts (fuel subsidy, renaming Unilag, my Alma mater) GEJ surprised us with and said to myself, "hope he doesn't give us a gift this time."     
Talk never finish but I wan a sign of respect 
Happy Independence Nigeria!
... I still love you. 


  1. That's a creative write-up.I love it! DON'T STOP BLOGGING!

    1. Loyal member of my blog, I feel honoured! Thank you for all the previous comments, I sincerely appreciate all of them. How can I stop doing what has become part of me? Stop way! One love friend!


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