Saturday, September 1, 2012

Memoirs of a Nigerian Youth Corps Member-Episode 4

Back to my NYSC experience...

The last blog post on my NYSC experience (Memoirs of a Nigerian Youth Corps Member-Episode 3) was about the first room I rented during my youth service. I detested that room. I recorded while I still occupied the room in 2010 showing you a detailed tour of the room. Watch below...
As luck would have it, my face-me-I-face-you neighbor was moving out of the opposite room which was the same size but far better. It had just the right furniture and fixtures I needed such as a reading table, a chair, a ceiling fan, and a large wall hanger which I got for a good price. Also, unlike the other room, a net without big holes and a real door which wasn't ugly.
I did not waste any time to bargain for the room. It seemed impossible at first but I fought tooth and nail for it. The condition was to get someone to occupy my first room before I could move into the new and better room. With the help of my agent, a new occupant came in on a Saturday morning and I moved out of the room with the speed of light, if not faster, into my new room. It was a great way to start my weekend and I had a reason to put in some extra dance steps during thanksgiving on Sunday.
Just click the play button below to watch and see the difference (the sound you will hear in the background is a video playing from my laptop).

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