Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to live life on the fast lane

Lately, almost everything about my life has been 'rush rush' (FYI, ‘rush rush’ is in my American accent not in the Nigerian 'rush rush' accent). I jump out of bed in the morning after a night's sleep I always wish was longer. Then my day begins with the play and fast forward button. I rush to pray, rush to brush my teeth, and rush to have my bath. (I am even rushing the words in my head as I read)
When it is time to apply my body cream, I press pause...(taking a deep breath) then I play at a normal pace. I don't rush to rub my body because it is like a ritual to me. I make sure I rub everywhere, from the back of my ears to the soles of my feet. I use Shea butter, locally known as ori which is hard, so I balance on my sofa, and take my time-that is a part I look forward to, so I relish every nanosecond. The fast forward continues after I am done.
I rush to dress up (no make-up, no jewels), rush to pack my food-breakfast and lunch (using the word 'pack' because the food is mostly prepared the night before, dished in bowls and stored in the refrigerator. I am not a fan of eating out, though once in a while I patronise eateries. Nothing beats home-made food), and off  to work.
When I get to work, I try to maximize the little time I have to dress up properly (use very light make up, wear my jewels, change from my slippers to shoes, dress my hair, and use my perfume); pray; write my to-do list; and start work proper.
My job functions do not entitle me the time to sit and relax, there is always work to do-urgent and important; not urgent and important. You are either up on your feet or in front of your system doing important paper and computer work. Each function has a time frame so you have to work hard and smart. You also have to minimize errors as you carry out your duties so you don't do the same job over and over again since there is no time to waste. 
Also, there is no fixed breakfast or lunch time neither is there a break time, you have to create it yourself. If you are not careful and smart, you would eat breakfast at 4pm. You have to prioritize properly so that neither you nor the job suffers. In all, work is 'rush rush'.
Since I spend most of my day at work, I have little time for myself . The little time I have, I have to spend it wisely. I don't waste time chatting away when I get home; wasting water in the bathroom; or acting chef in the kitchen. I have a quick and refreshing bath, eat a good meal or take fruits, and have a good rest. If I have other personal work to do, I do them. Then get a good night rest.
Same continues throughout the weekdays. On Friday or Saturday morning, I plan my weekends and try to make it happen. I also make sure I relax to regain lost energy, do the things I love, have fun, and have a life.
If you are living life on the fast lane like me...stay in touch with D Truth Uncensored.
To be continued ...
in the rest room after a hectic day
after closing hour in the TGIF mood
took this in my room when I got home from work

just got to the office before touching up

after touching up
after touching up too


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