Saturday, September 15, 2012

A dose of motivation-Four Cardinal Points for everyone

Hi sweet people, remember when I told you I was writing an article for our church's children's harvest brochure in My Saturday blog post, and I said I would share it with you after it is published? Well, this is it! Enjoy!

It is the prayer of everyone to live a happy and fulfilled life on earth and we have various desires, goals, and dreams we all hope to achieve - to help us attain this. However, circumstances surrounding us may not be so encouraging and in contrast with what we desire. Also, some people may have a strong conviction that they could make it in a particular field but the fear that they might not succeed prevents them from taking a bold step. While others keep procrastinating, when all they need to make it are all around them.
The bible passage from Mark 5:21-43 has the perfect words for us.

1. Always have a purpose and set goals
One thing was pretty obvious as Jesus was passing through the crowd; many people touched Him. What happened to them? Nothing!  All of them that came in contact with Him did not get what they wanted or needed except the woman who had a purpose in her heart-the woman with the issue of blood. Imagine everyone in the crowd had set goals and believed it; the story would have been entirely different with many people receiving solutions to their problems.
At any point you are in your life; don’t just drag your feet through life. Always have a purpose based on the dreams you have for yourself-set goals and go for them.

2. Don't let obstacles distract you from achieving your goals
There was no laid down fact that touching Jesus' garment brought healing. She believed and went for it. However, she had to pass through the crowd to get to Jesus. She had a target and did not let anything hold her back. She made her way to Jesus (and I am very sure she would have received many criticisms from the people in the crowd as she forced her way through them). She ignored all of that, touched his garment and got her healing.
Obstacles are different things for different people. For instance, you might to start up your own business as a hair stylist, and finance may be your obstacle. As long as you are passionate about it, start with what you have. You could start from home service doing the styles you have the tools for. Just do your job well, word will spread, you get more clients and all your dreams will start becoming a reality.

3. Stay away from negative influences
When Jesus wanted to heal Jairus' daughter, he made sure those who were laughing left the premises. He didn't perform the miracle in their presence because they had contrasting goals. The disciples and the parents of the damsel wanted to see healing but the others didn't believe she could be healed. That is why they thought it was ridiculous when Jesus said she was sleeping. Jesus didn't waste precious time trying to convince them to believe, the result would convince them. He did away with them and did what He came for.
Some people may ridicule you when you tell them your goals and plans; some may even discourage you with all sorts of stories. You don’t need such company. Move with like minds. It doesn’t mean you should not be open to criticisms and advices, but take them wisely. No matter what you are told, you hold the power to make the final decision. Your results will convince them.

4. With God all things are possible
While Jesus was speaking with the healed woman, one of the rulers informed them that the damsel had died and there was no need to bother Jesus. But Jesus said to him, ''Be not afraid, only believe''. I don't think I need to expatiate on this; the words speak for themselves.
God did not bless you with natural gifts or talents for nothing, so why should you be afraid to use what God has deposited in you? He didn’t give you the spirit of fear but of a sound mind. Stop being afraid but believe God will give you all you need to succeed.

Well, with these four cardinal points in mind, nothing should stop you from bearing the best of fruits with the seeds God has planted in you. God created you for a purpose and you don't have to rack your brain trying to figure it out. He reveals them to us in different ways: through talents, skills, gifts, feelings, convictions, interests, hobbies, what people say about you, revelations, dream and other numerous ways.
Make sure you set goals for yourself and make the best use of your time, your resources and the opportunities each day presents. Always do your best and let God take care of the rest.

Remember, when you walk with God you are like a seed planted by the riverside and watered by God himself. 


  1. I love the way you related the Bible passage to our human struggles. This is a post one should keep as a reference. Well done!


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