Sunday, August 5, 2012

Memoirs of a Nigerian Youth Corps Member-Episode 2

I was heartbroken and didn’t know if turning back was a better option. We moved further till we saw a blue car heading our way. A man in the vehicle told the bike man to stop and then I started screaming “Don't stop oo? Do you know them? Lets’ go! Lets' go”  
They were not kidnappers like I thought they were but the school authorities. We got to a more convenient spot and talked. Sorry correction, they talked while I cried. After our brief communication, I was beaming with smiles. Strangely, I felt peace in my heart. I knew I made the right decision because I could feel it.
When I got to the lodge and shared the shocking news, my roommates could not believe it. They told me I made a mistake but I couldn’t care less. I was happy and that was all that mattered. Since I would not be spending my whole week in the village I looked for another room in the city and I got one.
Before I go into details of the room I got, let me share few photos of my room in the village.
The bungalow in which my room is situated
That is my reading corner

My best part of the room, my bed; because when I sleep, I have no idea that I'm in the village. The blue cloths are the curtains

A pix of me in sleep mode though feigning it
The walls of the room were not plastered and it was the least comfortable though I got used to it. (Thank God for the survival instincts)


  1. this is luxury personified. it could have been worse!

    1. It was actually worse, I only made it better so I would not go insane. In the near future, I will share some unpleasant details which will definitely shock you. Just stay tuned to ''D Truth Uncensored''.

    2. Like i said earlier, its adventurous! Very pretty one. Its intrinsic! And nice xperience too buddy. U're good! Feel free and Keep blogging!

  2. My dear thank God u tasted a different kinda've always been used 2 d good life from birth. And what village is dis? Kip d good work hun:*

    1. Bad belle ooo...It is Bataki-Idiya. Even the name is scary.


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