Monday, August 20, 2012

Featuring MOFE!!!

On Sunday the 29th of July 2012, my friend Mofe, an up and coming gospel rock artiste launched her first music album Never wanna see you fall. She is fresh, she has a very strong voice and she is amaaaazing!
One thing I truly love about her is that she believes strongly in herself and God too. When she talks about her music, you will figuratively see the burning fire in her pretty eyes.

You can get more of her and her music which you must by clicking any of the links below:

This blog page is solely about her, so other details and pictures of the event will be shared later.
Love y'all!! Muah!

Check her out! She is unique!


  1. A belated comment but I guess it'd pass anyway. *winks*
    I'm glad Mofe has a passion and is not afraid to pursue her. There's no better recipe for success. She'll definitely go places!

    1. Thanks a lot Gee, I truly appreciate your comment. Mofe would too when I inform her.


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