Sunday, July 1, 2012

Three important lessons for everyone

I was really touched by the gospel reading of today that I said I was going to share. The gospel was taken from Mark 5:21-43 and I got three important lessons from the reading:

1. Don't let obstacles distract you from achieving your goals
When Jesus was trying to get through the crowd to get to Jairus' house, the woman with the issue of blood decided to touch the hem of his garment believing she would be healed. There was no laid down fact that touching Jesus' garment brought healing. She believed and went for it, but she had to pass through the thick crowd to get to Jesus. She had a target (to get healed) and didn't let anything hold her back. She made her way to Jesus (and I am very sure she would have receive some criticisms from the people in the crowd as she forced her way through them), touched his garment and got healed.
2. Stay away from negative influences
When Jesus wanted to heal Jarius' daughter, he made sure those who were laughing left the premises. He didn't perform the miracle in their presence because they had contrasting goals. The disciples and the parents of the damsel wanted to see healing but the others didn't believe she could be healed that is why they thought it was ridiculous when Jesus said she was sleeping and laughed. Jesus didn't waste precious time trying to convince them to believe, the result would convince them. He did away with them and did what He came for.
3. With God all things are possible
While Jesus was speaking with the healed woman, one of the rulers informed them that the damsel had died and there was no need to bother Jesus. But Jesus said to him, ''Be not afraid, only believe''. I don't think I need to expatiate on this further, the words speak for themselves.
Well, with these three important lessons in mind, nothing can or should stop you from bearing the best of fruits with the seeds God has planted in you. God created you for a purpose and you don't have to rack your brain trying to figure it out. Set goals for yourself and take each day as they come by making the best use of your time and of the opportunities each day presents. Always do your best and be a source of blessing wherever you are.  
Remember, when you walk with God you are like a seed planted by the riverside and watered by God himself. 

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