Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Saturday

Hi friends,
My week was so busy that I didn't have the time to compose a blog post for this week, so I decided to share with you how I spent my Saturday.
* went online did some browsing, checked out some web pages I saved and deleted unnecessary files that cluttered 'my documents'. Also chatted with a very good friend via Mark Zuckerberg's baby...Facebook.
* did a little house cleaning.
* had a delicious breakfast of yam and egg.
colourful egg right...and very sweet yam. It tasted as if there was sugar in it

* read 3 chapters of Joel Osteen's book Become a Better You and one part struck which I'd love to share and I quote
a must-read
''I heard someone say that the wealthiest place on earth is not Fort Knox or the oil fields of the Middle East. Nor is it the gold and diamond mines in South Africa. Ironically, the wealthiest places on earth are the cemeteries, because lying in those graves are all kinds of dreams and desires that will never be fulfilled. Buried beneath the ground are books that will never be written, businesses that will never be started, and relationships that will never be formed. Sadly, the incredible power of potential is lying in those graves.' 

* sorted my laundry and looked for what I'd wear to church. My short purple gown with my flat purple sandals. 

* had my lunch.
Another sumptuous meal of beans and garri in a cute plate and bowl
* listened to a radio talk show I love so much, Business Hour with Martin Udoghe (please pardon my spelling if I did not get it right) and some other interesting, inspirational and educative programs.
* finished typing my article for our church's children's harvest brochure. I normally write articles for our church's harvest brochures for which I get commendations but I felt particularly honored when one of the committee members for this year's harvest personally asked me to prepare and submit my write up for this year's magazine even before officially announcing it to the church. (No good work goes unnoticed)
I will post it for your reading pleasure after it is published.
* cooked pepper-soup with turkey and catfish with my mum. One of the catfish was still alive and it suffered for not dying quickly. Ate it with yam and palm oil-the native way.
* removed the hairpiece I fixed 3weeks back while watching a captivating movie on my laptop, Mirror mirror based on the story of snow white and starring Julia Roberts. 

and for those who were waiting for my final decision.........................drums rolling tadatadatada............................I'm so not getting a BB!
I will definitely get one but not now.

Luv u all friends!


  1. You are living the good life!!

  2. Bcos u c life differently u make ordinary n normal tins seem xtraordnary n unique! Feelin u cutie!

    1. I thank God for blessing me with that gift. I really appreciate your comment.


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