Monday, July 30, 2012

My Olympic Experience

I had been so psyched up about this year's Olympics that I promised myself not to miss the opening ceremony. I left the office around 8pm on Friday because I had to do some extremely important hand over. Since it was already late, I made efforts to beat traffic. I took a bike of N400 when I could take a bus of N100. Luckily for me, immediately I got to the bus stop, I got a straight bus to my area, though I was sandwiched like fried eggs in the middle of a sliced Agege bread. I was tempted to wait for another bus but missing the opening ceremony wasn't part of my agenda, so I sandwiched happily. Traffic was OK. I got home at exactly 9pm. Immediately I went upstairs, I heard the loud shouts of 3, 2, 1....aaah! It was the countdown to the opening ceremony! I quickly removed my jacket, wore another top and ran to the living room.    
My high points:
The first performance which told the story of England's history from slavery ending with the Olympic symbol. The rings glowing with reddish/yellowish light raining down from them...a sight to behold! Really pretty and brilliant performance!
When James Bond came for the queen: he still looked like an action figure and the queen...très ravissant! Those puppies were supper cute too! 
Jumping from the helicopter: I gasped. Then I saw her in the Union Jack print parachute gliding down with the James Bond song playing. The queen sure is still agile.
The solo performance by the woman in a blue gown singing a hymn  (can't remember her name). I think the title of the hymn was 'Abide with me'. Anyway, she sounded like an angel. Her voice was crystal clear and calm.
Then there was the passing of the torch: love the fact that the challenged were allowed to be involved. The guy who went on his knees to propose to woman under the eyes of the world hmm...Nigerian men! I reserve my comment. Also David Beckam on the speed boat looking steaming hot!
Some parts of the parade: I started with Greece, the bubbly Argentinians looking all blue, some African countries about two of them with their traditional attire, I was waiting for my country...tick tock the clock went and all went black. Till my father woke me up to go the bedroom. I had slept off on the couch, ouch! I missed our great Naija..ooooh! I was told that they were lively and flamboyant in their green and white traditional attire. I also missed my best friend, Mr Bean...excruciating! I know!
I missed many other parts because I had to have my bath and eat something.
Anyway I love what I watched. No one was left out in the ceremony. The children, the challenged, celebs and regular people like you and me. It was indeed a great event.


  1. Wow! The events are so captivating! I can't wait to watch the event unfold... Fredila, withou any ounce of sceptic, y're a great one. Thus, i cheerish you a lot. Keep grooving!

    1. Thank you very much! I cherish u too. U are part of the reason I write! Keep grooving too!(smiling)


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