Saturday, June 30, 2012

What a dramatic reunion!

On my way home from work during the week, I bumped into a friend from secondary school. She was exchanging numbers with a guy when I saw her, so I caught her attention by saying, ''is this what you do? exchanging numbers with a guy at the bus stop?'' She saw me and screamed with delight. We hugged and did a brief catching up. 
Then she introduced me to the guy with her and I included the phrase 'my secondary school mate'. I guess he didn't hear the secondary school part when he mentioned his university.  As an ex-commando that she is, my friend emphasised 'se-conda-ry schooool' with whole hand gesture. He expressed his amazement with the wide-eyed-o-shaped-mouth expression. We talked about jobs and I found myself acting the ambassador for my organisation (still in awe that I could do that-feels good though)
Well, the most intriguing thing happened when a pretty lady walked up to us and pointed at the guy screaming these exact words 'you, you, is this what you do, insulting girls you don't know? yada yada yada.... My friend and I were shocked to discover that it wasn't a joke. The strange lady was yelling at this guy, pointing fingers and he was yelling back, causing a scene.

She claimed he paid her a compliment but she refused to respond since she didn't know him. However, instead of minding his business, he decided to insult her by calling her a she-goat among other insults. He claimed she called him a he-goat first.
They went back and forth on the he-said-she-said thingy causing people to stare while some tried to intervene. 
All of a sudden, I came very self-conscious and realised that we were at Ikeja bus stop along the railway. I said to my friend 'please let us leave here this is Ikeja bus stop'.
The lady then said he would have a car accident bla bla...and walked away.
He said she was a witch and was going to get her. 
I told my friend it was getting late and we had to go home.
So I said aloud to my girlfriend 'let me have your number' and he said ok. I replied with the speed of light 'NOT YOU, HER!' (why in the world would he think I would want to have his number?)
I parted ways with my friend while he went to look for his 'girlfriend' to continue his chick fight.
It was so dramatic that I checked myself to be sure it was not a plot to rob me. On seeing that I was 'complete' I looked around for a candid camera.


  1. I am trying to put myself in your shoes! funny though...too much drama!


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