Sunday, June 10, 2012

Wedding turned comedy show

I went for a wedding last week Saturday with the reception held in a very classy and pretty hall. It was the wedding of my senior (more or less a school-mother) in secondary school. Well, I don't want to talk about the solemnity of the wedding or the beauty of the reception but about something else that baffled me. 
The MC for the reception was a comedian and he did not just do a very great job but he overdid it. He did it too well that at a time I forgot I was attending a wedding reception (I actually thought I was at a comedy show) not until he announced that it was time for couple to cut the cake. He just kept on talking and cracking jokes, delaying other events.
It became so bad that guests (including me) started murmuring that they were hungry while laughing simultaneously. He just took over the whole programme. The couple's dance dance dance with friends and families came up while the food was being served. No one dared to stand up for the sake of the food not passing their table, since we were all famished and had laughed out our stored energy. This was at about 4.30pm. They just danced all alone till very few individuals went out to dance with them. 
People were not given the opportunity to give short speeches about the couple. The chairman of the event wasn't even given the honour to say anything. It was all about the emcee. The couple...totally in the background...

My advice to singles who wish to get married; please for your wedding reception employ a professional emcee and  if you want, a comedian to lighten things up and/or other side attractions like live performances by musicians, dancers etc.


  1. Oshioke IgiekhumeAugust 30, 2012 10:59 AM

    In my opinion,he used the wedding as a means to sell his act and get clients. If I were the bride,I wouldn't pay his complete fee.

    1. Ha Ha! Maybe that was what the bride did. About selling himself, he did that well! However, a comedian as MC for my wedding, nay...


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