Saturday, June 23, 2012

Life is too short for you not to do things you love...(good things please!)

Last night, I went into the kitchen to prepare my dinner, but something strange happened. As I was taking out the oats from the container with a spoon, I felt a strong urge to eat from a deep bowl. Out of reflex, I said it out loud, ''I feel like eating from a deep bowl!'', at the same time demonstrating with the container of oats.

Immediately, I went into the kitchen store and got the deepest bowl that was within my closest old blue cooler
As I was preparing my oats, my sister who was also in the kitchen told me that I wasn't serious; but I replied her subconsciously, ''life is too short for me not to do the things I feel like doing (good things I mean)''....and voila my oats...
yum yum yum...same oats, different experience! I savored every spoon and I felt so good.

Although this is an almost insignificant event but the moral of my story...(admitting that it's not so easy) always try to live your life as you dream to live it. It doesn't have to be perfect, neither do you have to wait for the perfect moment (because it might never come). Use what you have/your present situation to your advantage, make it work for you, take it one day at a time...and most importantly, I Luv U!

As a footnote, here are my favorites bowls which I mostly use for fruits and cereals...featuring them so they don't get jealous. 


  1. Yeah right! It makes u feel accomplished,u knw,like uv completd 1 biiiiiggg task! Jus doin wat u love, especialy gud thins makes u discover urself n want 2do more.kinda givs u a postiv!

    1. Exactly Faith! and that is the essence of life.

  2. According to Ariel Spears a comedian life is truly short, enjoy, achieve, explore positively in the society and yourself,if not you'll struggle to play that part in Grave. Good one.


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