Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fredilia Momodu - A Tribute To My Grandpa

When I got to hear the news, I smiled. I never thought the news of death could bring smiles to my face. I will call this graceful aging and a happy ending. He was such a good man. His memories, so fresh in my head. Even till he went home, he was as caring as ever, still called me by my first name. I love him so much. If every man were like him, all ladies will yearn for love.
A loving and caring husband, father and grandfather. I recall vividly the way he showered love on my siblings and me when we spent the holidays in his house in Festac; the stories he told us when we were little (especially the story of the bodiless man, scary and movie-like). He always gave us what we wanted especially when it came to feeding. You all know the popular beans 'ewagoin' (pardon my spelling); we would stand at the balcony watching out for the women who sell it with Ghana bread to pass by. My grandma hated anything outside home cooking, so she complained each time we bought it. That never stopped my grandpa, he always did all he could to satisfy us. 

He never raised his hands on us, he would scold anyone who beat us. We always sat around him, pleading for more and more stories. He had a very good sense of humour and lot of tricks up his sleeves. He was our idol. 
Even at the age of 92, he was peaceful and gentle, gave no one issues. When he was admitted into the hospital, his children ran around trying to make him comfortable, though he never complained and was never grouchy. A few days later, God started revealing the spiritual to my grandpa. A week later (divine mercy Sunday), he went home (heaven) and I smiled because my grandpa was finally experiencing eternal bliss.
Words are not sufficient to describe the loving, peaceful and gentle nature of my grandpa. His life experience was so touching that I resolved from that day to live a very good life in accordance with God's words so as to experience a rewarding life on earth, and a peaceful and happy ending.
I love you papa!

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  1. He was indeed a loving and caring father.May his soul rest in peace,amen


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