Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lets' make our reading culture our underwear...

What a title right?  I used this comparison because underwear would never go out of fashion. You must wear underwear, especially before you step out off of your house. As a guy (boxers) and as a lady (bras n the like); unless you are still living in the 'early man age'.  
Lets' not allow our book reading culture fade out like shaba sandals and kitto (my secondary school days). As growing minds, we need to continually equip ourselves with knowledge and one good way to do that is by inculcating the habit of reading.
Nothing can beat the traditional method of studying.

  • Buy a book- Get some cash, go to a book shop or a book stand, and buy a good book as it affects you. There are books on leadership, marriage, public speaking, management, self discovery, christian books and so on. Since it's your book, you can highlight important points as you read. This makes it easier when you need to make references.
You can take it anyway with you, as you travel, to work, to school, to the salon, even to the toilet *winks*

  • Have a library- This could be just a corner of your room on your reading table, or in your cupboard, you do not need an extra room or a separate cabinet. What makes your library? Your books! As long as you a stack of books, you have a library. This means you need to buy more and more books. So give yourself a deadline of when to finish a book and as soon as you are done, get another! You could buy two or more. Just make it a habit!
Some of us have mentors and role models who have written wonderful books. Get them, study them, and tap from their knowledge.
Knowledge is power and no man is an island of knowledge. We learn from our experience and the experiences of others which have been documented in black and white for all to have access to.

Here are a few books that have aided my development as an individual:
*The Bible
*Webster and Collins dictionary
*The battle belongs to the Lord by Joyce Meyer.
*7 habits of highly effective people by Steven R. Covey
*Reposition yourself by Bishop T. D. Jakes
*Conquering intimidation by Kate McVeigh
*The power of the plus factor by Norman Vincent Peale
*This is your life not a dress rehearsal by Jim Donovan
and many more...

If you have been practising this, well done and keep it up! 
But if not, you can start now!

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