Sunday, April 8, 2012

Check out these sexy cuties!

I went shopping on five Saturdays back. Thank God for his mysterious ways, I should gone for a training.
That aside, I got beautiful stuff, 7 unique and pretty skirts that were my perfect size except for a the royal blue one; 4 cute pairs of shoes; a green bag that can be used as a purse, shoulder back, or handbag which I never intended to buy. But it was so pretty that I could not resist.
They have been in my closet (and on my body) but I feel they deserve to be seen not only on my body but on my blog too.
So check them out! I call them my sexy cuties...   


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  1. Nice cuties u gat. 4Rm BUSTA.

  2. loving these flats!

  3. Thank u dear, will check out ur blog.

  4. cool flats!!

    1. Thanks dear, I still wear them. They are awesome!


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