Friday, March 16, 2012

The free gift of self-expression

Just feel like sharing this...
It hurts me when I meet people who find it difficult to use this gift because they are just too scared.
You have something on your mind? Say it!
You are in a gathering and everyone is of one opinion while you are of another? No big deal!
Speak for what you stand for. It sets you apart from the rest and you will be surprised at many who would agree with you.
You want to wear an outfit you love but you think your friends or peers might not approve of it or would make fond of it? Take the bold step and wear whatever you want. You don't need anyone's approval to know you look good. That's why there's a mirror.  
Freedom of expression is your fundamental right, but it should be used only by those mature enough to accept responsibility  for their actions.
Most importantly, never make a fool out of yourself in the name of self expression. 

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  1. I totally agree with you my bestie freedom of xpression is the begining of maturity.

    1. Hello anonymous, I'd prefer you put it this way...the proper use of the gift of self-expression is the beginning of wisdom. Thanks for your comment anyway.

    2. Maturity sorry...wisdom just keeps playing in my head...catch ya l8r.


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