Saturday, February 4, 2012

Some babies do have them...

This is a conversation between a man and his friend.

Friend: Good morning, how are you doing today and how is your baby girl?
Man: I am doing well but my baby is looking more and more like me and it is scary.
Friend: (puzzled) how do you mean?
Man: As she grows older, she continues to look like me and I don’t like it.
Friend: it is not a bad thing for your daughter to look like you. There’s nothing wrong with that.
Man: I know it is not bad, all I am saying is why does she have to leave her beautiful mother to carry my big nose, big eyes... (Voice gradually becoming low) it is so unfair, I don’t like it; after all my prayers.
Friend: (Kidding) You didn’t pray enough, did you fast?
Man: Maybe I didn’t but this is just unfair...
Friend: Well you can’t kill her, she is your child.
Man: You asked me how she was doing and I only told you the facts.

This man obviously meant all he said, because his eyes were so sad. I tried to figure why he felt that way, and I realised that he was hot-tempered and could throw a perforator at you when he is angry.
I kinda concluded that he was subconsciously scared that his daughter may not only take up his looks, but his character also.
As for me, it would be totally cool if my daughter looks like me, although not as slim and way more fearless...

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