Sunday, February 5, 2012

Girls Day Out

Started out as every other Saturday morning but this one was different, I was taking my sister and cousin SHOPPIIING (in a musical voice). You know the ‘going back to school shopping’, I was excited for them plus I love shopping...not a shopaholic though.
However when I found out the amount of money they had, I felt kinda sad because it was too little compared to what I had in mind and based on the place I wanted to take them to. I expressed my sadness to them and they became sad also; which deepened my sadness because I naturally love cheerful faces.
Like a light bulb above my head, I came up with an idea. I ransacked my wardrobe and brought out clothes I rarely wore. They picked what they loved tried them on and in the end; they got almost half of what they wanted to buy. There was a yellow body hug that I loved so much but my sister tried it out and started begging for it. I couldn’t help but to let her have it. Though my wardrobe looked somewhat empty, my happiness was the fact that I was able to make them smile again. 
Then we all shared a big hug we call sister hug and went shopping (another place though)....
We got all wanted and more though I felt bad that we forgot to buy a lovely black metallic bracelet we found for my sister.

I gave them my old jewels that were still very good when we got home. Because anytime I buy new stuff, I always try to give out some old ones, more or less like replacing the old with the new.
We were like triplets of different heights in the market, giving each other the signal when the prices were right or not. Acting like we were leaving as a ploy to make the sellers decrease their prices. In the end we all gained, and most importantly, it brought us closer, we actually felt like triplets...sweet experience.

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