Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This is for the ladies! She is intimidated by you if she

* Criticises everything you do. *

* Can't take her eyes off and can't stop asking questions about your new and obviously beautiful accessories or clothes, and finds it so difficult to drop a compliment. *
* More inclined to telling you what's wrong with your method of doing things than appreciating your genius.*
* Feeds you with lies just prove to you that she is all that. *
* She could be your relative, friend or just a bad habit. But whoever she is to you, never let her words give you a headache. * 



  1. You took your piece from my mind. The worst is wen they now try to make you feel bad. I av a colleague like that, no matter how take away you look, she'l come up with sth horrible to spoil everything, when i discovered the kind of person she was, i started giving it back to her. Now, she stays off my path, cos she knows she can neva put me down.

    1. I hope u and ur colleague r now getting along, though it will take extra tolerance from you. It's a good thing you dont' let her get to you. I understand you a 100percent.


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