Monday, January 9, 2012

It’s rather too early; Blue Ivy Carter is just a baby

Why won’t these haters give it a rest?  Is it crime to be a celeb? Even a baby? Gosh!!
I browsing on a site when I came across this statement
“Beyounce’s daughter with the name of the devil’s daughter backwards in Latin (blue ivy, eulbivy = devil's daughter)”
Different comments were posted trying to explain how the baby’s name came about.
Someone said
for IVY;
4 is Beyounce’s favourite number. IV is 4 in Roman numeral and ‘y’ was added to make it a name.
Bee’s birthday is Sept 4th.
Jayz’s birthday is Dec 4th.
Bee’s mom’s birthday is Jan 4th.
Bee got married on April 4th.
Blue Ivy Carter’s date of birth is 07/01/12 ie 12-1-7=4
for BLUE;
Blue is Jayz’s favourite colour.

While another said (someone even shared this on facebook like he was so sure)
IVY=Illuminati’s Very Youngest
BLUE=Born Living Under Evil

Well, I don’t know how Bee and Jay came about their baby’s name but please, the baby is just about 3 days old , let her breathe. It’s rather too early; let our newest mum and dad enjoy their moment.
I checked out an on-line Latin translator and devil in Latin is diabolus while daughter in Latin is filia.
It’s rather painful and sad that people make up stuff to satisfy their self-centredness.

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  1. Lawrence if u say so...i dont think it means anything bad. She's not the first person bearing Ivy, Blue, or Carter..thanks anyway for ur comment. Av a luvly day.

  2. May be,
    But don't you think their parents' illuminati tendencies can be questioned? You're been naive if you think it's just the celebrity stuff...There's more to it, and it's all on the web!

    1. I don't care about illuminati. I truly do not care; who is or who's not a member...I just love amazing people and amazing things! Beyonce is one of them and I love her work. She is talented (if you ask me) and I am happy for her. I want her marriage to last till death takes it toll and I want Ivy Carter to bring them joy. It would be beautiful if she has a boy too!(smiling) I read your profile and I love it! English is my favourite subject. I learnt French at a time which took me to Togo. French is a rich language and I love the way some words roll out of my mouth. My pleasure to have you on my blog! You can reach me @frediliamomodu for more chitchat.


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