Friday, January 13, 2012

(GEJ) X (NLC) = Strike/House Arrest= Answer to my prayer request!

I haven’t spent up to a year in my place of work, so I am not entitled to go for a leave. I have known this ever since I got employed as it was vividly stated in my employment letter. However 6 months into the job, I felt like a break. I asked my colleagues if I could apply for a 5 day leave, but they called me a comedian and made a big joke out of it. I tried to discuss with HR but it wasn’t encouraging, so I gave up the thought.
However as God would have it, GEJ in conjunction with NLC granted my request; although this had a house arrest tag to it. I told myself be it a leave in disguise, a house arrest or a strike, I resolved to make the most of it. But now the week is almost over and I’m asking myself ‘did I make the most of this break or was I just a lazy ass?’

Monday:     Watched the protest in Gani Fawehinmi Park on TV (thanks to PHCN)
Tuesday:     Went to buy recharge card nearby
                   Watched the protest in Gani Fawehinmi Park on TV
Wednesday: Read 4pages of a novel I borrowed
                    Did my laundry
                    Revised my goals for the year
                    Made free night calls
Thursday:    Continued with my novel
                   Surfed the net for a few hours
                   Watched TV mainly switching channels
Friday:        Surfed the net for a few hours
                   Ironed my clothes
                   Wrote this blog while watching movie

FYI: Monday-Friday I woke up between 8.30am-9am and stayed indoors all through except for Tuesday's recharge card.

Did I achieve my plans? I don’t know.
Did I ‘lazy about’? Maybe
However, one thing I’m sure about and I can bet my life on is ‘I am going out tomorrow’ yippee!!
And as for fuel subsidy removal...aluta continua, Victoria ascerta...air hugs and kisses my peeps...


  1. Me i started out enjoying the strike for most of the reasons u mentioned; work stress dangerously approaching physical and nervous breakdown levels, a ''non younger person friendly'' staff, etc but now i am going stir crazy! I've gone thru a lot of novels even attempted watchin a couple of movies without coercion(a miracle)! Bt i hope n pray Jona and Labour come to an agreement today b4 i finally lose it!
    Like i said before u write real good. Oh, and happy strike!!!!lol

    1. Let me start by saying, 'pele dear, your prayer was not answered'. As I tweeted, ''Compromise or no compromise? Strike or no Strike? Fredilia is gonna av a swell tym. Can't wait 2 sit in the presence of the Lord in church!''
      I have just one life to live and I will enjoy it to the fullest. I know we are on the right to a better future. So my dear, please lets' make the best use of now.
      But wait, movies and wa o! and sorry about the 'non younger person friendly' thingy. Kinda similar to my first blog post 'Thank God, it's Friday'.
      Anywaz, Happy Sunday!


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