Monday, January 16, 2012

Click to view Ivy Blue Carter's twitter profile

 Below is Ivy Blue Carter's twitter profile;
Ivy Blue Carter                     

Ivy Blue Carter

@IvyBlueCarter With Mama Bey and Daddy Jay
I may be young but Im READYYYYY

Can you believe this? Imposters I say! 
You can check her out on twitter ( and see the horrible tweets such as:

*just sip the breast & get pissy pissy       
*Mommy is a FLY, so that make me fly, so how could they NOT buzz about 
*nigga i got oompa loompas
*Shit your derriere in dem Dereons, shit your derriere in them House of Dereons
*my crib so cold, this ol' thang
*i got more money in my shitty diapers than u made in the last 10 years                                                                                                                                    
Annoyingly, she has more than 22 000 followers; but please do not follow!!!

Haters, please stop this nonsense!!! I don't think she is the first star to have a baby... Let my Beyonce be please!!!

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