Sunday, January 15, 2012

Can my new movement OFF survive?

I normally do not eat much and I’m neither on the fat nor big side. Usually, anytime I’m hungry on my home from work, I would buy coconut chips (my fav) and a drink or yoghurt.  So on getting home, I would feel full and combined with fatigue, I would just go straight to bed without taking any dinner. My sister would complain that if I wasn’t careful and continued that way, I would disappear someday.

Well, at the commencement of the strike, I told myself that my eating habit would change for the better. But the story did not change....
My wake up time during the strike was usually between 8.30-9am and after personal work, breakfast would fall around 11am or sometimes 12pm.
Logically, lunch was around 5pm and when I eat around that time, dinner would either be something very light as Weetabix and milk or tea.  
My cousin noticed this and texted my bestie.
My bestie who had observed this for some months now, called me immediately and reprimanded me.  

Well, truth is I’m not a food person. I eat in bits, and I have a sweet tooth.
After the scolding, I told myself that I would make conscious efforts to eat and maybe I could add a little weight in form of adipose in the right places.
All this happened on Saturday.
So I told myself, as from now on it’s OFF (Operation Feed Fredilia)!       

This morning, I went to the kitchen oozing positivity but as I struck the match and turned on the gas, I realized that the gas had lasted for a long time; and as I commented ‘this gas has last...’ and the gas finished.
Ahhh!!! Stove! Nooooo!!!
Strike, an obstacle to refilling our gas cylinder...
Electric cooker, a cool back up, PHCN please... 
Can my new movement OFF survive?


  1. Loool!!! Freddy am on board ... let's stuff you up. Eat 5 times daily starting now!

    1. took fried rice and chicken at 9am this morning, will soon take something else...still browsing the kitchen...just give me two months.

  2. Lol. I can sure relate to this. I'm on the slim (I should say 'skinny') side too and that's really because of my aversion to food. Somehow, food doesn't appeal to me abd usually I don't eat until the hunger has practically weakened me. I'm all for OFF (call it OFG in my case). At least I'll start with eating the basic three meals a day. Maybe I'll also fill out in the 'right places'. Kinda curious what you meant by 'right places' though. Nice post, gurl! Hilarious too.

    1. Aversion to food? Please you have to start eating well and right. I have started and it is great although I am still skinny. The right places...u know what I mean (something for my man to feel. You don't need it though, you just need a functioning member.


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