Monday, January 23, 2012

Can an insecticide kill the police?

Just like insects crawling on my beautiful skin so are the policemen in my area to me.
As early as 6am, they line the mini-express looking serious with their guns, torches and batons, summoning vehicles especially bikes n kekes to a halt (for security check, pschewww, you wish) for breakfast o jare...and I can bet pounds to a doughnut that if the Boko haramists pass with a bus loaded with explosives, the policemen would collect their daily egunje and let them pass...God forbid bad thing.
The most shameful of all, is that they extort money from these commercial transporters without shame, acting as though it is their birthright. And permit me to say, 'who born that driver wey go do actor say im no go pay?'. My o my! I don't think he would be in good shape to tell the story.

Also annoying is the fact that they have three check points along our inner express road and each group collects their own. One passenger was so angry that he shouted 'una no get union?'. Funny also is the fact that once they have collected their money (most times N50), they would give the driver a number, so that each time he drives pass and they stop him he would mention the number to show he had  already settled. Note that the number expires in the evening, after which a fresh roster is taken.

Words cannot express my disgust at the shamelessness and heartlessness shown by those who ought to be on the look out for the masses. I know there are good ones out there who have integrity but where are they? The only thing I can do for now is pray for our country Nigeria, because if u eat a little bit of liver and challenge be me send u o. 
Since I don't have the liver yet, anytime I pass by I wish there were insects and I had an insecticide spray...


  1. would insectide even kill them? they are worst than mosquitoes...

  2. It is such a pathetic situation.

    1. Very pathetic indeed! They left when the IG stopped road blocks but have returned in the name of traffic control.


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