Tuesday, December 13, 2011

True love...bitter-sweet reminiscing

A tear just rolled down my right cheek...thoughts of the one I love, bitter-sweet. It seemed perfect, my dream love...too good to be true.
Soft and beautiful; gentle and soothing
Made me smile when the world frowned at me
Gave me a reason to be happy when situations proved otherwise
It was so precious to me that I hid it from almost all
You know you don't announce to the world that you have found diamonds unless you are pretty sure you have secured it; because, you don't want any competitor to take it away from you.

Imagine you are passing by the mall and you spot a very beautiful gown on a mannequin. Your heart skips a beat at sight of this gorgeous dress. You go in, do a price bargain and get the dress even though it would cost you a lot. You buy matching shoes and purse for this dress and you anticipate patiently the day you would wear the dress. Finally the day comes, and excitedly you put on your dress for the first time after your trial at the mall, shoes, purse and the perfect accessories; feeling like the hypothetical Cinderella. Only as you step your first foot into your car, someone calls your attention to a tear on your dream dress which you never noticed. 

A tear that mars the beauty of your dress.
Painful right, very painful and annoying...
You would feel like squeezing the neck of the mall attendant that sold the dress to you or getting a refund...
The obvious solution is to get a replacement which most would likely do...
But in the case of true love, what do you do?
Replace it? Discard it? Give up on it? Hell No!

You patch it and make it work. You would go the extra mile; stand by it because you know what it means to you.
When one is weak, the other stands strong and becomes a source of strength.
When one makes a mistake, the other corrects with love.
When one causes pain, the other learns to forgive and forget (not bringing it up when there’s a fight).
True and pure love is not about you but about the other party.
It is not selfish, domineering or spiteful.
It makes you understand God’s unconditional love for us and what He meant when He created the world and called it ‘beautiful’.
If all could love this way, what a perfect place this world would be.
Our married friends can testify to this...

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  1. Thank you Shawler, my cheeks are red...

  2. If only it is possible to put up patches in advance. A stitch in time saves nine so one in advance will save non. It will only make the pain of loving more bearable if you cram the formula that your better half is human enough to disappoint you.

  3. I saw you on LIB, and in one of your comments you indicated that you had a blog. So i decided to check it out. Good job Stacey. Carry on!

  4. Thank you dear, appreciate it. I'm blushing now...

  5. Hey, jst saw u on LIB and decided to checkout ur blog... Awsome write up darl... Way to go!

    1. Thanks for appreciating my work...

  6. awesme u have made me realise sumthngz in my realtionship.thanx keep on ryt.

  7. Beautiful write up...true love isn't Just the fuzzy feelings..its also hardwork.Nice 1

  8. Hmmm! So well said dear! You've said it all! It's the determination to make it work that matters!


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