Saturday, December 3, 2011


‘Thank God it’s Friday!’, I told myself this morning. I made a conscious effort to be extra-positive and enthusiastic. I never saw what was coming. How can a friend tell my boss that I do not take to correction, all because I refused to take to her perfectionist/unrealistic instruction? Sometimes I think it is out of jealousy (unless it is an attitude disorder); because she wouldn’t do any better after criticising an already perfect job.
Mind you, she is more of a melancholy as I am of a sanguine. So you can imagine the personality clashes.
Well, I have been putting up with her infuriating side because outside that, she could be a very sweet person.
But trashing me behind my back..., that..., is crossing the line.
We had a row because I told myself ‘enough is enough!’. We didn’t chat all through the day and I was ok with that, at least for the sake of avoiding silly fights.
Thank God it happened on a Friday, Monday will be a fresh start. 
Can’t let anyone put me down...


  1. Strong! I guess she's a superior officer, and if that's the case then you've got to suck it up and try to do your best. And try to stay as colleagues rather than friends ... u know keep it professional. Good Luck on Monday ;)

  2. Yes, she is a senior colleague and loves to be sucked up to. I totally get your point and I am definitely taking your advice. Thanks a lot Shawler. I miss your 'awesomeness'(do you still use that word as much?).....giggling

  3. @ Zainab, thanks darling. All is and must be well, Amen!!!
    @ Kayode Kotun, i don't a choice right? making the best out of the worst, is what makes great men; and I want to be one of them.

  4. Nice piece... An expected attitude @work, get used to it darling and don't let it get to you!

  5. Thank you LadyAries, read your piece 'real differences' was touched and I joined your blog....I concur a 100%. It reminded me of my post 'true love, bitter-sweet', have you read it? As for work, I am coping better and coming up stronger. Thanks again


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