Sunday, December 4, 2011

Save the Earth!!!

OMG!!! What is happening to the earth? I didn’t go out this weekend and I was very grateful.
Blazing sun out there!! I even had to ask a friend if people were frying akara in the sky.... I went to dry my shirt in the sun on Saturday morning and I found myself running back into the house.
The ozone layer is obviously depleting and global warming as we all know, is like a plant injected with an overdose of growth hormones. It is a giant threat to planet earth. We really need to protect our planet.

*Plant more trees-Thank you Fashola for starting it, it absorbs CO2 one of the green house gases (cause of global warming if in excess). Well not all of us have the land space to plant a tree; planting ugu, water leaf, bitter leaf, ewedu to mention a few will help. They also absorb CO2 and you can eat them too.

*Burn less garbage-This is especially true for those who don’t like paying for their garbage to be thrown instead they would burn them in front or at the back of their houses.
Please stop ooo! You are only making yourself an agent of pollution; releasing CO2 that we don’t need into our beloved atmosphere.

*Produce less garbage-Don’t cook what you cannot finish. In some people’s dustbins, the most you will find is leftover food (that could serve a family for 2 days [1-1-1]). Or is it the office, where a lot of waste papers are produced. Please before you print any document, proof read it well. So you don’t have to throw 5 sheets of paper before getting it right.

*Recycle-Your empty water and drink plastic bottles, you can pile them in a bag and give those women who pick bottles from the streets for their businesses ( jedi jedi medicine, kunu, zobo) or put them in a separate bag for your garbage men to give them for you. You can also do the same for your empty cream containers (very useful for the market women).

So my cool guys and beautiful ladies, let us all cooperate to make the earth a cool planet to live in so our future generations do not get fried by the sun.
You can also add your suggestions *winks*


  1. Lagos, a city of pride to all Nigerians, a place of fun and home of entertainment, the centre of excellence is in for it with respect with global warming.
    The population in Lagos was about 80 million as declared by the national censor of 2008 and it is known that majority of the populace are illetrates that know nothing of global warming and its effects. The litrates that know are not helping matters, so wat we see is a serious polution of our beloved Lagos, our home. There must be a rapid and ultra strong crusade and not just talks if we must save our land. Support and join Environmental organizations like HERO etc to know how u can help save our land

  2. Well put Debragg! Are you from Lagos? because I can feel your passion for Lagos from here. Anyway, it is good to know that someone else appreciates the 'green concept'. We must do all we can to save our land, no matter how little. Joining environmental organizations is also a good suggestion.
    Thank you Debragg.

  3. nwabunike henryMarch 30, 2012 3:29 AM

    Everyone is involved,in their respective capacities-from d toddler who grows up learning that random & careless waste dsposal is a normalcy, to d average adult, who's got little or no interest as 2 d state of their environment.. Present trends,fashion,mal-administration in d industrial & legislative setup ar also back-drops. Thumbs-up 2 u all for previous comments.. and, illiteracy shuldnt evn pass 4 an excuse for dirty,lazy or careless habits. Early,gradual & steady re-orientation/investment in d Green Concept will be a permanently potent remedy.. We'l get dere!

    1. I am in love with your comment, clearly expressed. We all have a role to play in 'saving the earth'. We really need to work on our attitude because the truth is no one seems to really care. Environmental sanitation is seen as an obstacle to our plans for the day; even the few who practise it dump garbage from their gutters on the roadside; people discard trash(biscuit wrappers, sachet water nylons, empty bottles and cans, etc) on the road indiscriminately...and many more earth damaging activities. Let me not go on about individuals who build houses without gutters and turn streets to their drainage; or our ramshackle vehicles that constantly release harmful gases into the atmosphere. The listing is endless, it's not too late make a change, we don't to wait for anyone. It begins with you. Thank Henry.

    2. Great suggestions! Thumbs up to u all!!!

    3. Thanks...All my fingers up to u!


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